Monday, January 16, 2012

Wishes and prayers.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I won't wish, that my days will be easier.
I will only pray, to my One and Only, Allah s.w.t that He will always be there. Listening to every word I shall say. Innallaha ma'ana.

A week before, it was on Sunday and all the students regiestered at their respective mahallah. There was I, among the others who went out, stood there waiting for the bus then I went to Madrasah an-Nur.

I hardly remember what had happened on Monday. The environment here at CFS had definitely changed a lot. There were more people, both sisters and brothers. I wasn't looking forward to buy my meal at UKC anymore as day after day, more brothers are flowing in and out of the cafe.

On Tuesday, ENGENIUS Mainboard had a meeting with the line up of committees. There were misunderstandings amongst the committees as they thought that the meeting is at 9 p.m, however, it is not. It was at 9 a.m. So at first the meeting was slow but the paces increased and the meeting ended before Zohr.

On the same day I received the RM200 voucher distributed by the government. It wasn't that helpful because I'll be using the same Physics textbook as previous semester, the text book for Computer must be paid by cash and for BTQ, we had to make our own text book. My friends and I combined two vouchers to buy Maths workbook for RM20 each.

The day after was the first day AMF Hall became One Stop Centre. Which literally means everything was there. All the lecturers from every department here in CFS were placed at respective sides with two large tables and signs. When I stepped in, I stopped and stared. It was like in the middle of the sea, minus the water and add humans. Sorry, students. Here and there will be brothers and sisters whom I barely recognize and I doubt I will eventhough I will be staying here for another semester. They were too many of them and I realised at that point, this will only happen once.

So I took a picture.

It will only happen once because the main point of AMF being OSC was because the transfer of students from Nilai to here in PJ. I'll let you imagine. Stand there at the front of AMF, near a door. On the left side, you will see rows of brothers and sisters adding and dropping their English, Chemistry, Computer and so on. While at you right hand side, there you go. Brothers and Sisters from Islamic Revealed Knowldege and Arab courses and so on. If you be me, you won't worry about bumping to the left side, but you'll be really careful and slowly walk your way at the right side.

The day was tiring enough for me.
My first day in the class wasn't like the previous semesters. Ignoring the brothers, I imagined in my head that my class of 194 was only me, Aini, Inani and Fatin. I don't care about the others, I don't want to. Eventhough it washard not to notice a bunch of them, I wish and I pray, Allah will secure my sights.

From Friday until Sunday, I was busy enough because of debate. I was in the ENGENIUS team along woth two other brothers. It was the team that had been chosen, not by me. I learnt few things here and there and I realised, eventhough I always argue, debating is not the thing for me. Especially debating about things that I don't even care. I felt like finishing all the rounds as fast as possible thus I lost the Deans' Cup. And I do not know who won the cup.

At first, I doubted myself on debating with niqab. Because that's a new thing for me. The responsibility of being a muslimah and the same time being a debater was hard to swallow. I think and think about the choices of my words. And think again how to insert the points from Islamic views for a theme that is way far. Then I thought, Islam is syumul. Islam is perfect, everything is covered by Islam. Al-Quran and as-Sunnah have the answers for everything. All in all, I survived all five rounds debating with five brothers with two of them on my side. I didn't say unnecessary things, I don't do small talks. I wish and pray, that everything will be okay.


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