Monday, January 9, 2012

Induction Raudhah Festival.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

It had been a few days since I last wrote. I was occupied by the induction and what I can think of whenever I have the chance to get back to my room was to sleep.

For these few days, I had realised that the main thing that made me so tired was because of the amount of thinking I had. Being the only person who doesn't have any partner to represent a society made me stressed a little, if not quite a lot. To cut the stories short, here are the brief summaries of what happened during the induction.

I was actually planning on making a long entry because I had certainly experienced a lot. But after a moment of thinking, I knew that those memories were not the ones which I prefer to be remember in years after.


I packed my bags and stuffs and said to myself, “I'll be facing a lot of work these three days. Work for Allah, for ENGENIUS. Allahuakbar.”

The first day was okay, I had all the information that I needed. It turned out that our event have the same intended date and venue with what PRESSS and PERKIM planned. All the representatives had to present their points on the spot why their events must stay. I don't know what happened but I guess PRESSS withdrew so what was left was just ENGENIUS and PERKIM. The FSCC wanted me to start first. Everyone was looking and I got nervous.

I flipped through my papers for seconds and I realised that it won't help me at all. Instead, I made a stern expression and say out loud why “When The Heart Whispers” must stay. In my heart, I keep whispering, “It must go on.” In my head, “You can't just cancel my event because I had put a lot of work into it.”

After I present my few points, I looked at the others and well, the PERKIM representatives didn't even hold their head straight. I looked at the FSCC representatives and few of the said, “Oh, okay. Good point. But this wasn't a debate competition,” and they smiled. I didn't return their smiles. They asked PERKIM representative to speak on their behalf but they kept silence and that made everyone puzzled, including me. At the end of the day, FSCC announced ENGENIUS had the winning stake. Alhamdulillah.

Then, I finished what I had to submit in day two. There was a little problem during day two which made me cry, and I was so frustated why had I cried because my work was done at that point. There was nothing to do with the lack of info about the speakers of the forum we intended to do. Something just happened that day thus I cried. I never, ever broke down during a meeting before. So it wasn't a good memory at all, what happened that day. On the evening of day two, we had to do presentation. I was the second of all societies and I made what I thought was a brief presentation.

The other societies also presented their events. Fortunately, I was so bored so I took notes of all events. You never know when you'll be needing them. Here are the list:

ENGENIUS: Forum: "When The Heart Whispers."
INTECH_SS: Gadget Fair, Game Competition, Typing Competition, Photoshoot.
MELEX: Islamic Charity Concert - "Food For Soul"
IDEA: Journey to the 5 World.
PRESSS: Star Gazing.
ECONSS: Talk: "Youth"
PEERS: Talk: "None Of My Business", Yaumul Usrah.
ARC: Paint Mayhem.
HS: Kuasa Karektor.
RCC: Blood Donation.
IRK: Karnival Revolusi Syabab.
ENC: World Wildlife Fund Exhibition.
BEN: A day with NST.
PERKIM: Friendship Day.
MEDCY: Alternative Rejuvenation.
FRC: Palestine and You.
PSSCH: Cekak.
BAR: Cultural night.

The presentation resumed on the third day and the induction ended just like that.

All in all, most of the mainboard of FSCC and line up RAFEST deserved a token of respect from me. I know that it must take a lot of mental and physical strength to successfully organized the induction and dealing with other societies with representative especially like me. I don't smile (because I don't see the point of smiling unless I found something is funny), I don't talk as much as I know I needed to and I pretended that they were not there while I was in front of Superkira to do work.

Yes, I am sorry, really sorry for not being friendlier. I tried.

“Work is work” was what I thought during the whole induction. I even left this blog.

To end this entry, I would like to share new knowledge that I learned throughout the induction. Some of them said, and I quote:

“Ijtihad pertama tidak akan dibatalkan dengan ijtihad kedua.”
"Jangan pecah rekod event tak berjaya."
"Dah tahu matlamat, lakukan saja."
"Alamat sesuatu benda untuk berjaya, kembali kepada Allah pada awalnya."
“Berprinsip jangan sampai jumud, berhibur jangan sampai hanyut."


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