Wednesday, March 2, 2011

burnt cookies.


Dear friends and foes,
I burnt a looooooooooot of cookies today.
What the...

I got a wedding order for cookies.
So I have to make my cookies as small as possible.
And it really did kill me -- literally.
Not only I burnt a whole lot of the cookies,
my hand got burnt also.
I want to scream out loud, but I didn't.

Enough of that.
I have something else to say.
I am finally back to my track.
I search for scholarships and I found a bunch which I can apply.
I only chose those with full scholar (^.^)v

I started to use Japanese emoticons quite frequently nowadays at FB.
I think there's no harm to share some here, right?
Heee (*≧▽≦)

It's time for games now, see you guys later.
If anybody from the alumni read this,
please pleaseeee pay for our reunion.
We will really appreciate it.
Thank you ~~~ヾ(^∇^)