Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Travel log 16: Sneak peek IIUM Gombak!

Last travel log posted: 6th February 2013

Assalamualaikum warahmatuLLAHi wabarakatuh.

I was like a rusty nail.

Waking up on a Sunday morning, I tried to be... good.
I had plans on my mind.

Will leave the house insyaALLAH around 12,
heading to USJ 1,
then to Gombak.

Specifically - I was heading to Madrasah at-Tazkiah.
For the first time, after I was evacuated.

Ahha, that's it. The big news I suppose.
I was evacuated by my government from sweet home Egypt.
First chartered flight I was thrown into.
AlhamduLILLAH, bit by bit I see the reasons.

I was trembling last week, when I gave my first visit to Madrasah at-Tazkiah.
But the students told me that there was no class.

So I came back this week, more relaxed.
p.s: Ami dropped me off.

The venue had changed.
From Surau as-Syafie to the cabin inside the Madrasah's territory itself.

I heard a familiar voice.
I thought it was al-Habib Ali.
But I was wrong indeed.
It was al-Habib Najmuddin.

It was a total embarrassment, to actually forget... your teachers voices.

But there's nothing I can change.
So I sat until the class ended.

I looked around and saw many, many, unfamiliar faces.
Some of them, whom I know.
But I chose to keep silent... and walked away for now.
I wasn't ready.
I am not ready.

To suddenly 'gain' everything back again.
All the memories and such.

I took one of the hardest step ever out of the Madrasah,
and walked towards the nearest bus station - 8 minutes away by foot.
The scenery was different.

Not that it had changed from the way it used to be, no.
It just that I am not used to 'greenery' any more.

The first bus won't stop, so I waited.
I realised that I had lost; my ability to wait.
So I tried to take a cab.
But - it wasn't working.
No one will ever stop for me.

The second bus arrived, alhamduLILLAH, thus I jumped in.
Then I changed to another to make my way to KL Central.
I almost missed it because of the building that was still in construction when I left Malaysia... had turned out to be - almost ready to open.

Heading to the Central, bought an Ice Lemon Tea and just before I went to the LRT station -- I  realized that I had dropped my Touch n Go card so I had to check the store back. AlhamduLILLAH, it was there.

Confused for a while,
I had to read the destinations clearly before I decided where is the correct platform I should go to.

Hopped into the LRT heading to Gombak, I sat quietly.

I didn't touch my Ice Lemon Tea because there was a "No Eating or Drinking" sign along with the "RM500 fine" penalty.

Texted Aini, informing her that I'm on my way.
Then I arrived at the Gombak station finally.

And here is, one short story.

I was quite starving, so I decided to buy some fruits from the stall located there.
I knew that I want the papaya.

I stared to the seller, and said: (in Malay)

"Nak tembikai dua."

My index finger was pointing to the papaya though.

So when he took a red-coloured fruit and put it into a plastic bag, I was perplexed.

Why had he took the watermelon instead?

At that point, I realized that... It was my fault.

'Tembikai' is equal to watermelon.
While papaya... is 'betik'.

I was too embarrassed to change it,

so I just pay for it.

Then, into another bus I go and IIUM Gombak is in front of me just minutes later.
It was stopped by the guard, I was like... uh oh.
I don't have a matric card.
But alhamduLILLAH, he was just looking around from the front, not personally checking one by one.

I went to the mosque to pray and waited for Aini.
She came and we hugged each other.

Catching up as fast as we could, then we headed to mahallah Asma'.
It was... spectacular. The view was nice.

We made our way to another mahallah for dinner and there I met Mas Munirah and Mawaddah.
I had a meeting with Inani Najihah also along with Amalina.

After a nice treat by Aini, I went up to her room and we chatted until Isya' then I left.

A cab, another LRT ride, the last bus ride home and a little walk...
I arrived in front of my home.

It was awkward.

To lost the confident that I used to have.

To write one-very-straight-forward travel log.
No adrenaline there, just... plain travel.

I am sorry for I had not meet most of my colleagues but this was actually an experiment.
I wanted to know whether I am able to travel again or not.

Alone, of course.

InsyaALLAH I'll make a more constructed plan next weekends.

Personal note,
a big applause for those who made it to Gombak and Kuantan finally.
I don't think there's any of my batch left at CFS except for minor cases.

A huge congratulations.
Strings of prayers.

hats off.


Memoir after-PMR graduation.
Short story #2

I heard this while I was working.

"Nak pergi Bukit Antarabangsa dah 2, 3 jam.
Kalau ada RM10 dalam poket memang tak sampai.

Ini baru perjalanan dunia.
Entah macam mana perjalanan ke akhirat?

Mungkin tak sampai-sampai kita ni."