Sunday, June 24, 2012

Berlari ke sana,

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Moga Allah memberi kelapangan.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

'Amal during haidh.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

InsyaALLAH, this post is specially written for sisters but can also be known by brothers.

Someone said and I quote, "Knowledge without practise is useless."

It can happen to a Muslim sister that once in a month she will experience haidh, which is a common thing to a grown up woman. Some might experience it in a time interval which is longer than that.

Haidh is never a problem. ALLAH creates something with a reason and it applies to all. The issue, which sometimes occur in my mind is regarding 'ibadah. It is a general knowledge that a woman that is experiencing haidh can't perform daily prayers or any prayers at all. She can't read the Quran and can't fast.

And I am perfectly aware of the khilaf of reading the Quran while in haidh.

As for I am not a Google believer, I didn't take resources or answers from Google except for issues that is not related to religion. But I did, read articles and Islamic blogs, because somehow, internet is helpful nowadays.

Back to the issue, I was always struggling on how to make the best day of my life, keeping my relationship with ALLAH and His Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. in the best condition I could even though I can't do certain types of 'ibadah.

So I asked a lot of persons, gather a lot opinion, read a certain amount of books and yet, I didn't really satisfy with what I found.

'Ibadah is never enough for me. Even it is 24 hours of devoting myself to ALLAH s.w.t, I still didn't know whether HE'll accepted it or not, whether is enough or not. But the thing is, I'll try. I don't want to give up and even though sometimes it hurts that I can't do much and sometimes my heart crumbled when there are so much at stake but I have so little to offer.

But one particular thing that we all agree, insyaALLAH, is that ALLAH is always with us.

No matter how hard, no matter how easy.

That is, a good reason for us to be nice among Muslims. Yes, someone could be a bad person. But nobody is bad enough when he still believes in ALLAH.

Again, back to the issue. I hadn't actually have a plan of whatever I'll do during haidh. But there's always a substitute, so that my iman would not go down under the sea and sink like Titanic.

Substitute number one.
Eventhough I can't pray, that doesn't mean I have to leave the zikr or wirid after each daily prayer. Most of the Muslims I believe have their own wirid after prayer, so just do it. After azan, for example, just finish the wirid as if you just finish praying. Istiqamah is always a better choice.

Substitute number two.
Most of Muslim scholars agree that a woman during her haidh couldn't read the Quran. But there's a khilaf regarding reading the Ma'thurat, Ratib etc. I would go to the choice that a woman can read the Ma'thurat with the intention of zikr. Lower down the voice and if you memorizes it, it is even better. A friend of mine told me from what her ustaz told her, "Read from the Quran whatever is easy for you."

Substitute number three.
Read a book. As simple as that. Not just any book, but an Islamic, full of knowledge book. Such as the book of Hadith, the book of Sirah or anything else. Make sure it is beneficial and reminds you of Allah and His Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Substitute number four.
Listen to someone else's reading. Preferably a surah that you doesn't read often so you won't accidentally read along the reciter. Or you can listen to Qasidah or Zikr. I don't prefer Nasyeed or contemporary songs even though it is Islamic. Yes, I know I had a different opinion now regarding music, but people changes.

Substitute number five.
Let us revive some sunnah, dear sisters ;D The sunnah I like the best is siwak and wearing perfumes. Okay, don't get me wrong. Wearing perfumes is acceptable if you are at your own home. So, let us do it, in our house. Other sunnah is to use your right hand in every thing you do, say BismiLLAH and many many more. The difference is that you might not think that is a sunnah even though it is actually is a sunnah. Change your mind set and it definitely pays off. You will be much happier as it would always remind you of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Substitute number six.
Watch the television. Or, surf the internet. People might not agree with me, but there is nothing wrong actually. There is good shows in the television such as Fattabiouni, Reflection and many more. While on the net, there is always informations regarding Islamic events anywhere near you. The fact that during normal days without haidh, there is only a little amount of time to watch the television or surf the internet because, well, let's be honest, reading Quran is far more better than that. But during haidh and reading Quran is not exactly an option, watching a good show by good Muslims never hurt anyone. Just don't be too excessive on it. Because a good thing can turn bad if doing it excessively.

Substitute number seven.
Do something sister. Such as clean up the house, jog at the garden, cook for your family etc. Learn knitting or even bake cookies ;D
Just... don't waste your precious time.

I think seven is enough and I once heard that ALLAH likes odd number as HE, himself is The only ONE.

Remember HIM. From zero to a human, He created us.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ibtisam with a C.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Just because, I like the cuteness of it, and insyaAllah that people will smile [in arabic, smile is ibtisam] so I would like to include pictures from facebook page Doodle Dakwah, in my every post starting this one.

Here we go, Bismilillah.

I had made many calls lately, to the agency that insyaAllah would arrange my departure to Egypt. Regarding my post earlier, I hadn't receive any feedback yet, negative or positive. I still didn't know.

They told me that the result will be out soon insyaAllah in this month.

This week I had spent it with helping out my uncle at the school canteen. It was tiring, of course, but work is like that. You work and work, and you wonder what it will take you to the future.

I was having a mood swing lately but I kept my smile, though people might not even see it ;D
And I wonder, how could someone survive in his or her life in my current condition. By that I mean waking up early, went to work, back from work, rest and sleep and wake up again.

Khair, I was stressed by thinking I'm not doing enough for my life in the Hereafter >< So I texted my friend, Aini and she replied: "Working is a type of 'ibadah, we learnt it from BTQ remember?"

How could I forget...

Sir Alizaman would make me read the BTQ book all over again if he knows about this. How could I forget... that working is a type of 'ibadah if I got it at the right intention.

Intention = niat C:

It was relieving when she reminded me about it so I wouldn't feel so much of a pressure thinking about worldly matters. It reminded me of a saying by Rabi'ah al-Adawiyah. She said that a person who like something, will say a lot about that thing.

And I am currently saying a lot about al-Azhar and how am I going to get there with no cash in hand and it is really stressing me out because it is the "world" and not Hereafter. It reminded of a verse of surah ar-Ra'd,

"Allah does enlarge, or grant by (strict) measure, the Sustenance (which He gives) to whom so He pleases. (The worldly) rejoice in the life of this world: but the life of this world is but little comfort in the Hereafter." 13:26

And it reminded me of few Traditions (hadith) from many and it also stressed me out because I couldn't believe in just a simple state of wondering I had been reminded of all these. And I also can't believe how many times I had typed the word "stressed" in this post while right now Aini is using this picture below as her default picture:

Whoever discover this by the way? O.O

All right, Amirah, inhale, out-hale. Inhale, inhale, inhale... out-hale~

Just because I think my friends are only getting any information about me by reading this blog, I should announce that I am allergic to this:

Well, not exactly to Ferrero Rocher itself, but the ingredients. I don't know which one but I don't think it's chocolate nor gluten. So I am currently staying away from nuts~ But my Choki-choki contains traces of nuts... I don't know what to do >< Choki-choki is so... tempting. Apart from releasing my stress.

I haven't write any stories lately. Namely, Sakif Habibi. It had been left out for so long. Qaiser is a part of me, if I could say so. He is silent, for sure. I created him, with the ilham from Allah. An d so does Ahlam. This is a writer thingy I am babbling about, so please ignore @.@

Last but not least, any how I am still going back to CFS perhaps for as long as a month. I am worried about ENGENIUS, of course. But I'm nobody now in the family. I am the ex-assistant secretary T.T

I am having extra spirit right now, I don't know why. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for giving me such a nice feeling to have.

This is the post, a smile with a C:

I hope, I wish and I really pray, that Allah will make all of you smile by reading this.

I am trying, to be a better person, to be a good servant for Allah.
InsyaAllah, will try to write a more educational post rather than just... about me >< Sorry.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Doakan ana,

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Teringat ketika mengambil keputusan PMR.
Usaha yang dilakukan, segala-galanya.

Allah dah maklumkan melalui mimpi.

Mengambil keputusan seperti biasa, menangis.

Tak kurang juga semasa SPM.

Apa yang ana paling ingat semasa PMR, doa dan harapan pada ana.
Kerana ana salah seorang daripada dua pelajar yang mengambil 9 matapelajaran.
Ana salah seorang daripada dua Amirah di 3 Cahaya.
Nurul Amirah di tempat pertama, Amirah Hazwani di tempat kedua.
Itulah keputusan sepanjang tahun.

Dan betapa banyaknya doa pada ketika itu, dan betapa sikitnya ana bersyukur.

Hari ini, insyaAllah, keputusan bantuan kewangan akan keluar. Jika ana lulus, maka insyaAllah ana akan ke sana, ke Mesir. Jika tidak, sudah ana katakan pada teman-teman ana, tidak tahu lagi bagaimana hendak mencari hampir RM10 ribu sebelum 1 Julai.

Walaupun tempat sudah ada,
walaupun surat di depan mata,
walaupun duit tidak menjanjikan kebahagian.

Allah, tidak pernah ana berharap sebegini.
Usaha ana berbulan lamanya setelah istikharah.
Adakah nilainya di hadapan Allah?

Senjata orang mukmin itu doa.

Bolehkan ana memohon doa sesiapa yang membaca?
Doakan ana lulus.

Dan jika Allah takdirkan tidak, doakan ana redha.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Computer II.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

"Computer 2 tak susah, tapi jangan ambil mudah." May 8.

Jadi ana dah post di group ENGENIUS 2O11/2012 tentang nota-nota Comp 2. Dan untuk siapa yang bagi email pada ana, ana dah emailkan insyaAllah. Di dalam email juga ada ana nyatakan ana akan scan assignment dan kuiz jika ada masa. Jadi, untuk kemudahan semua, ana tidak email pada individu, tapi hanya diletakkan di sini.

Oleh kerana assignment ana berdua dengan Nur Aini, markah di"sorok"kan untuk menjaga privasi.

Moga bermanfaat, dan moga Allah redha.

Assignment 1


Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Jawapan ana banyak salah, ini jawapan betul :

Quiz 3.

Yang pensel jawapan ana, pen hitam itu pembetulan.

Carry mark untuk Computer : 60%
Kuiz ada 4, average = 15%
Assignment ada 3, average = 15%
Projek = 15%
Mid sem = 15%

Sebelum mid sem, Comp 2 agak senang pada ana. Alhamdulillah, Allah permudahkan. Tapi selepas mid sem, ana kurang fokus sikit sebab ana terambil mudah subjek ini. Sebabkan ana lebih pada subjek membaca, ana sedikit tertekan pada Maths 2 dan Phy 2. Hinggakan malam sebelum dan pagi peperiksaan baru ana semak BTQ dan Comp 2.

Ana sangat tak menggalakkan cara belajar ana.

Mungkin kerana itu, carry mark Comp 2 ana hanya 43.1 daripada 60. Markah ana kurang pada assignment dan kuiz [disebabkan ana kurang belajar di bilik, jadi kurang bersedia.]

Dengan carry mark sebegitu, Alhamdulillah, ana dapat A- [credit hour = 4]

Jadi mungkin antum boleh rancang bagaimana nak belajar Comp 2, sebab ana maklum kebanyakan pelajar asasi setahun setengah ambil 4 atau 5 subjek semester depan. Kalau ada apa-apa soalan insyaAllah boleh tanya sebab ana hanya ambil 3 subjek, Maths 3, Chem 2 dan UI [jadual ana sekarang RIM].

Ana tak ada cara spesifik belajar subjek membaca, cuma ana suka membaca dari kulit ke kulit. Ana akan buka dari muka depan hingga ke muka surat yang ana dah belajar dan ulang pembacaan ana.

Terus-terang, online semasa kelas tidak membantu. Tapi, ada juga sir ana bagi masa untuk berehat.

Selamat belajar Comp 2, moga-moga dapat sir yang ana kasihi: Sir Mahmoud al-Shawabkeh. He's the best in town ;D


p.s: Fund for Egypt update, RM9500 needed. Allahu Allah.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bersama para malaikat,

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda yang maksudnya:

”Jadikanlah dirimu orang alim (berilmu) atau orang yang menuntut ilmu atau orang yang selalu mendengar pengajaran atau orang yang mencintai (tiga golongan yang tersebut) dan janganlah engkau menjadi dari golongan yang kelima, yang dengan sebabnya engkau akan binasa.”

Riwayat al-Bazzar

Jadual Kuliyyah Ustaz Azhar Idrus

Masjid Taman Kosas, Ampang [  ]

 Jadual Kuliyyah Ustaz Kazim Elias Al-Hafiz


Ditulis pada,

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Dikatakan kepadaku,

"Kita bagi nasihat sebenarnya bukan untuk orang lain, tapi untuk diri sendiri."

Baru sebentar tadi menghantar pesanan ringkas kepada rakan,
"Mood swing, Iman swing."

Ana tidak tahu siapa yang tidak berasa sedih dengan perubahan diri sendiri, ke arah yang tidak disangka-sangka.

Kata Syeikh Ahmad Fahmi Zamzam An-Nadwi Al-Maliki,
"Iman itu ada turun naiknya. Siapa yang tidak menghadiri majlis ilmu dalam masa 40 hari, dikhuatiri hatinya menjadi keras." [Ada bahagian ana terlupa]

Dah lama tak menulis untuk diri sendiri.
Mungkin dah sampai masa ulang kembali pembacaan.
Bahkan, manusia sering lupa.

Perbaharuilah imanmu dengan lafaz la ilaha illallah dan carilah pahala di sisi Allah kerana cubaan yang menimpamu. Janganlah sekali-kali engkau katakan :”Andaikan saja hal ini tidak terjadi”, tatkala menghadapi takdir Allah. Sesungguhnya  tiada ada taufiq kecuali dari sisi Allah.
ditulis pada November 14, 2011.

“Malu dan iman senantiasa bersama. Apabila salah satunya dicabut, maka hilanglah yang lainnya.”
[Shahîh:âkim (I/22), ath-Thabrâni dalam al-Mu’jâmush Shaghîr (I/223), al-Mundziri dalam at-Targhîb wat Tarhîb (no. 3827), Abû Nu’aim dalam Hilyatul Auliyâ’ (IV/328, no. 5741), dan selainnya. Lihat Shahîh al-Jâmi’ish Shaghîr (no. 3200).]

ditulis pada November 19, 2011.

Saidatina 'Aisyah dalam hadis muttafaq 'alaih menyatakan: "Tidak ada nafilah, solat sunnah, yang sangat dijaga pelaksanaannya oleh Nabi Saw. melebihi dua rakaat fajar." (HR. Bukhari dan Muslim)
ditulis pada November 4, 2011.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Hidayatus Salikin.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Merujuk pemberitahuan ana sebelum ini tentang Talaqqi Akbar bersama Syeikh Ahmad Fahmi Zamzam An-Nadwi Al-Maliki.

Kepada penuntut ilmu di Kuala Lumpur dan sekitarnya kuota hanya 75 orang sahaja.
Sekarang tinggal 20 tempat yang masih dibuka.

Maklumat adalah seperti berikut:

Kitab: Hidayatus Salikin karangan Syeikh Abdul Samad al-Falimbani.
Tarikh: 6 Disember hingga 9 Disember 2012.
Lokasi: Pondok Syeikh di Banjar Baru Indonesia.
Penginapan: Asrama Haji.
Deposit: RM100.
Jumlah penuh: RM1500.

Hari pertama insyaAllah seminar tentang pengarang kitab.
Talaqqi bermula hari kedua hingga hari terakhir. InsyaAllah habis dan ijazah diberikan.

Pendaftaran boleh dilakukan pada:
Tuan Ben: 019-6693887
Tuan Haji Ahmad: 012-2600160

Moga Allah redha,