Sunday, June 19, 2016

Butterflies, come again and stay.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

When was loading, I thought I need to ponder upon my long lost password. But apparently, my account wasn't even logged out.


Izzayuku ya gamaah~ (How are you guys in Egypt Ammiyah)

Haha. Right.

Butterflies, fly away.

Not long ago I was asked why did I stopped writing.

The answer was simple, I tend to exaggerate while writing. So I don't want to write, until I can come up with something simple, realistic and more acceptable for future me.

I don't want to be embarassed with what I wrote years ago.

That is why some of my posts are long gone.

Far from where I had started, I am now reaching the end of my 4th year in al Azhar as a medical student.

For this academic year, I took few extra classes out of the university to survive:

Otorhinolaryngology with Dr Ahmad Sa'ad of Ain Shams.

Ophthalmology with Dr Hanafi of Ain Shams.

Arabic Ammiyah (Basic and Medical) with Dr Hazem of Mansoura.

Arabic Grammar with Ustaz Fauzul of al Azhar.


The amount that I spent for these four classes are well above LE4000 for fees only.

After almost 4 years here, I realized that nothing is more important than education.

It is not even a brag.

It is the truth.

The idea of being ignorant medical personnel is nauseous.

The situation of being an ignorant student in Egypt is unavoidable.

I have lots of complaint to myself.

But I will strive for few years more insyaALLAH. 

Classes at DH continue. I stopped myself from coming since the day I made a promise that I will be expert in the language first before any other branch in Islamic Studies.

Of course I miss the days where I didn't miss a class and the days I served for DH.

But I didn't miss the part where I do not understand the lesson.

So I divert my focus to the language instead.

On the other hand, if my juniors ask me whether they should take extra classes for medical subjects or not;

My answer is yes if you are more of an auditory learner.

I bad at special branches anatomy, physiology. So I need those basic lessons again before I started the pathology hence the treatment.

And those basic lessons are more detailed in extra classes (hence the name extra and also the amount of fees)

But if you are an excellent student, where you could pick up any thing by books, then there is no worry for you insyaALLAH.

Right now, I will be sitting for 3 more papers for my final and I am currently struggling with the idea of losing my best friend (as he already graduated and will leave Cairo for H.O).

I don't know what will happen to this relationship, as I don't expect my previous to fail and buried deep to the ground.

But we definitely started as friends, then colleagues, then best friends before we got engaged about a year later during my 3rd year.

My hopes are moderate, because that is what will you want after few broken ones haha.

These are, the realistic, no-promising blog post from me.

May I write more so I can have a non-medical focus and a field to express my feelings or anything.

May you be blessed, :)

Amirah Hazwani.