Saturday, October 30, 2010

Confession of Ice-Lemon-Tea-holic,


SPM is getting nearer.
I don't know what else to say in my blog.

I don't drink Ice Lemon Tea that much now.
I usually drink one or two glasses of Ice Lemon Tea everyday.
But since my birthday,
I had stopped.

I was addicted, literally, to Ice Lemon Tea.
Since I was in standard 6, (6 years now)
I kept drinking it whenever I feel sad nor happy,
every single time.

I looooove Ice Lemon Tea to death.
If someone asks me to choose between Ice Lemon Tea and a bunch of money,
I'll use that money to buy Ice Lemon Tea.

The reason that I stop drinking for a while is,
I was afraid of sugar level in my blood.
What if I got diabetes?
I made a decision,
to stop for a while.