Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Three words.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Alhamdulillah, I'm finally here. Where? Do you even need a clue?
Okay, three words.

9th floor.

Not technically alone, but um, yeah, I'm alone here in 939 and the whole floor. Perhaps for five consequetive days. I heard noises but I'm pretty sure it was the workers'.

This morning I woke up and found out my youngest brother, Danish Irfan (whom I called Irfan) had already woke up before me and even get himself in his school uniform. Ammi and abah are at Perak as if now and this morning because Syahmi (my second youngest brother whom I called Irsyad) will be registering at STAR. You can imagine how proud my dad was as his first son will be entering his old school.

But it was pretty saddening to see Irfan alone at his first day of school. The night before, he was crying and he tried to hide it but of course I knew he was crying. So I really tried to make him happy this morning, as I won't be at home when he comes back. My younger sister, Anith, will take care of him while waiting for our parents to be home.

When I was in my way to CFS with paman, I saw lines of cars waiting in front of a kindergarten. It was a view that made me remember how was I on the first day of kindergarten. I was 6 at that time, and Anith was 5. I had only experienced one year of kindergarten while she had two. On the first day, if I'm not mistaken, we had to introduce ourselves in front of the other kids and parents. I was standing in the front, and besides me was my teacher. I saw Anith amongst the kids and my mother at the door. The teacher asked quite a lot of question and I answered them all. It was not until I watched everybody that I realised that perhaps I had answered too many question compared to them. It was unbelievable how I was so matured at that time. Why didn't my maturity last?

I arrived at the CFS and went to Mahallah Office (MO) to get my keys. It was official that students will get their old room back. So I was quite happy and intimidate at the same time. Paman left after he unload all my boxes and bagages as he won't be able to go upstairs anyway. So in the lift journey to the 9th floor, I kept thinking: “I can't believe I'm staying alone.”

Then, I realised. I speak and think in English. It felt wrong at the moment but I can't blame my brain. Perhaps I wrote too much narrative in Malay and too much of thoughts in English that it made my brain thinks English is my native language and Malay is my second languange. I would be really please if this happen to Arabic. I would love to be able to think in Arabic.

Because I was alone, and the lifts are empty. I planned a simple way to transfer my stuffs from the lobby to my room in an easier way. I grabbed one of the heavy boxes, I put in the lift. I let the door closed because there's no way I could hold the door. Then, I grabbed another one and did the same thing. It was so cool to know that the lifts aren't moving and my stuffs will be in there. I loaded all my things and went up to the 9th floor with most of my stuffs in the lift. I unloaded it pretty much the same way.

Then I played a game which I called The Checkpoint. I grabbed one of the boxes and move it to Checkpoint 1. Then grabbed another to the same spot and when all stuffs were at the first checkpoint, I do the same for the second one. Sometimes I was too lazy to stop so I just continue to the next checkpoint. And there you go, all my stuffs were in my room.

I unpacked all my things and finally had the chance to write this.

I went to STAD after lunch and got my paperwork, alhamdulillah. Technically, it wasn't my paperwork but literally, it is. I was so happy because I had put a lot of effort in this papework. A secretary job was supposed to just finish the paperwork but this, I had write it, selected the committee by hand along with others, calculated the budget, printed it, got the signs of all the important persons here in CFS and finally, I will send it to STAD tomorrow, insyaAllah. So I am pretty attached to this paperwork. I had, no doubt, go all the way through for this paperwork.

However, I wasn't alone for long. Something happened and well, I wasn't alone anymore. I wasn't permitted to say what happened but it was a good thing. Still, I am in my room and the thing that happened doesn't change it. I'll tell when I tell. InsyaAllah.

p.s: Having fun arranging stuffs;


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