Friday, January 27, 2012

The moment I chose Tom over Jerry.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

My siblings and I were exposed to cartoons as soon as ASTRO were promoted. It might be the cause we never go out and play at the park just outside our house. Mind you, for serious, I didn't have those you called; childhood friends. I do, as the matter of fact, had imaginary friends.

It isn't all about friendship I want to type about.
It is about maturity; the level of it and when people normally will be called matured enough.

It took me quiet a while to accomplish an acceptable public maturity level. Because I might had been too serious during my childhood days until I was 12, then when I moved on the my teen years, I reversed my maturity process. And there might be, I believe, something to do with my voice. Alhamdulillah, not everyone will hear my voice ;D

Once I read that when we were young, we will prefer to support Jerry (as in Tom & Jerry) for its intelligent to escape Toms' trials to catch it. However, we will feel sorry for Tom as we get older, or more mature, as we begin to think that it is, obviously, Toms' responsibility to catch Jerry and most of the time it failed and it will get hurt.

Note: It is weird to type “it” referring to Tom or Jerry.

When I think about that statement, I realised that I had chose Tom over Jerry years ago. Because people kept asking; “Tom or Jerry?” and I would say Jerry. But it wasn't long until I had the answer Tom. The question here is why my maturity doesn't reflect on my action?

Plus, whenever I took maturity level quizzes, I would almost get the same result of a kid or “acceptable.” Rarely, or should I say never do I get the result of a nicely matured person. Again, I am turning 19 this year and Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh had conquered Constantinople on the age of 21. I wouldn't say that I want to conquer a country but at least, I want to do something fairly good and beneficial.

Ahmad Soliheen had achieved his 10A+.

Yet, I wasn't jealous. It was his achievement and I'll wait for mine to come.

More about cartoons, I gave my thought about Shin Chan and Doraemon. It took me a while until the day I dislike Nobita and feel uncomfortably pity for Shin Chan. The only thing I valued very much of both of these stories are their friendship among others. Among Nobita, Doraemon, Sizuka, Giant and Suneo. Among Shin Chan, Kazama, Nene, Bo and ... I forgot the one who is bald.

Not to mention the awkward family relationship in Chibi Maruko Chan.

And the sisterhood in Sailormoon,

the patience of Ran in Detective Conan,

the thoughts in Q Detective School and Penyiasat Remaja Kinichi,

the trio in Siri Salma and Hardy' Boys,

the slowness in Rin Tin Tin,

the pirateness in One Piece,

the struggle in Naruto,

the breads in Yakitate! Japan,

all those I read, in Kreko, by internet, Pedang Setiawan such such.
I haven't read or watch any for a while now. Books had its replacement of a better ones, movies will be replaced by documentaries and real life stories.

Me will be replaced by another me.

The “another” that had the idea to write this kind of post by just accidentally saw people splashing water to others and suddenly thought; “I won't prefer to do that.” That made the old me think, “Since when you don't like to play?”

I don't like the rain because I don't like coldness.
I don't like the water because I don't like the feeling when it touches my skin.
Rain is a blessing from Allah, don't forget that.

People differs.
There will not be a mix and match that will perfectly match.
Personalities and maturity are two different thing, depends on how people judge on their own point of view.

Gain an angle of everything, and relate everything to where it comes from. Allah had created us. He had chosen us to be the best ummah, for our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

“Ummati, ummati.”

Had we ever, remember him as he deserve to be remembered?
Ya muslimin, sollu 'alaih. Ya mu'minin, sollu 'alaih.

Zikrullah, ya ukhti wa ikhwani. We are sisters and brothers of Islam.

Our manhaj, Quran wa Sunnah. Learn and learn.

I like to run,
because I like the way the wind will blow pass me. Because it will stay there for only a while to make me feel comfortable, and went away without disturbing my running.


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