Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011; an overview.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Memories, are meant to be forgotten.
Learn from mistakes.
Achievement comes once in a while.
Experience is the best teacher.

People change faster than your eyes blink.
Hearts broke.
Love shattered.
Distance, do separate love-birds.

Jan 2011.
  • Got a new laptop, which I eventually named as SuperKira.
  • Worked at Giant as sales assistant right after Biology ended. Regretted it at first. My boss name was Mr. Moorthy. I worked at the Veggies&Fruits Station.
  • After 170 days separated after Qiam, finally had the chance to meet.
  • On January 18, I got a major breakdown. I forgot the reason why.
  • EKSA was doing well.
Feb 2011.
  • I was doubting about something. I wondered then if my life was complicated.
  • I was busy with Bees Koot and Reunion EKSA.
March 2011.
  • I worked at kindergarten, I worked at CANONs' canteen.
April 2011.
  • Got admitted to Hospital Klang for low blood pressure.
May 2011.
  • Went to Form 6 for the orientation week.
  • Last month for Arabic classes with Ustaz Rushdi.
  • Not whole-heartedly registered to CFS.
June 2011.
  • Life in CFS started.
  • I changed, a lot. I guess I am meant to be alone.
  • ENGENIUS came along.
July 2011.
  • Coping with CFS. It  was harder than I thought it would be.
  • It had been one year since Qiam.
  • I realized the changes in me and it was getting to the point where I didn't know who was Amirah Hazwani.
August 2011.
  • I had an argument with a friend in CFS. The one who called me fat and short.
  • Struggling with Maths and ENGENIUS.
  • Father bought a watch from Japan and someone accidentally broke it a few months later.
September 2011.
  • The argument stopped and resumed. Perhaps I was the one who thought it was an argument.
  • I started to lose weight and be alone a lot more than I should. It was a hard month and final exam was getting nearer.
October 2011.
  • Worked at Memento Gifts&Bags.
  • The hardest month I had been through.
  • 3 months of holidays suddenly became 3 weeks.
  • I turned 18.
November 2011.
  • I started to travel around and wrote lots of travel log.
  • I became friend with someone I'd always wanted to be friend with.
December 2011.
  • Became happier and started to meet minimum daily requirement of calories.
  • New red spectacles.
  • Realized that if I am around those who knew me before I went to CFS, I was a lot different.

I didn't plan most of the things happened.
As I read back my previous entries, I realised that I kept most of the things hidden.
I don't like to talk about what happened everyday to everyone. It just wasn't right for me.

I haven't write in Malay lately.
Not that I hadn't try. I tried. Hard. I feel guilty over this language thingy.

I kept saying that I had changed because people kept pointing it out.


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