Monday, December 26, 2011

Travel log 7.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I asked, and someone replied:
"It is all right for a woman to travel alone, but it is afraid that fitnah would occur."

I travelled to my kampung (village) on Saturday and back to CFS.
I travelled to Masjid Jamek on Sunday and back to CFS.

Here is the log.


I woke up around 5 a.m and planned my day.
I was suppose to depart at 7 as my older sisters' train from Perlis would arrive by then.
But I was stalled by something.

I logged in to my Skype account that morning with an intention of deleting it.
Because I still have brothers in my Skype account though I barely chat with any of them.
So I thought it would be pointless for me to have an account,
but that morning; I received many late messages.

I had realised that the WiFi connection here in CFS is not as good as usual, and sometimes it limits the connection. But I hadn't realised it would be that bad. I received messages from days before.

I created my Skype account because I know, a friend of mine would go to Egypt.
And Aimi also was preparing to go to Alexandria.
It was then I thought, Skype would be the most convenient way to communicate.
But I was proven wrong.

I changed my laptop time to Egypt since then to help me know when to online or expect them to be online. But they didn't... I waited and waited, still there was no sign. Then it crossed my mind:

Since when did I become an important person in their life for them to online just for me?

My heart was broken to pieces just to think how unimportant I am to their life, or even to my friends life. Is the statement I just made is true? Wallahua'lam.

After I read all the messages that I finally receive, that friend of mine suddenly gave salam and we chat a little. My decision of deleting my Skype account was stalled but I still am thinking about it and considering it.

Because of this, I was late to meet my sister and she was furious at first but then she calmed down. From travelling alone, I travelled in KTM with my sister. The perfect duo, :D

When I reached my kampung for a kenduri (feast), suddenly all the memories came back. I was the second grandchildren out of 27. I was raised by Mak (my grandmother) until I was 12 and at 13, I went to boarding school. Skip that part, here are few things that I learnt when I was there:

1. I saw a little girl, who was my cousins' friend. She was very helpful, and everybody adores here. Including me. It was just for seconds and I liked here already. She's not a pretty girl, but she have the values that even Miss Universe might not have. I can see why looks doesn't matter to some brothers when they search for a wife. Pretty faces doesn't last long, but the heart and prosperity, it will.

2. Getting older equals to more responsibility. I helped a here and there, a woman job. Like only a woman can C:

3. It is not hard to keep your aurah. Even though I immediately removed my niqab when I arrived, (because there was no one except for family and relatives and few other women) I still keep my aurah. I covered my face when I saw the male guests were arriving and stayed in the room. I think there is no reason for someone to not wear socks or long shirts or hijab just because of they are at kampung. Not all uncles can see your aurah. Only those who are immediately related to your mother can. You are precious, remember it.

This remind me of one of the topics in talaqqi at Madrasah an-Nur. We were discussing about Tafseer Ibnu Kathir for Surah Ali 'Imran verse 45-47. Habib Ali replaced ustaz Azian for that day. He said;

in Malay; "Maryam r.a. Namanya adalah satu-satunya wanita yang disebut dan dinyatakan di dalam al-Quran. Mengapa begitu? Kerana kedudukan seorang wanita itu dijaga sehinggakan namanya pun dijaga."

translated; "Maryam r.a is the only woman whose name is in the Quran. Why does it like that? Because, a woman position in Islam is to be kept secure (or preserve), at the point which her name is also preserved."

4. I think, people thought that wearing niqab will make me feel hot. Because my paman (uncle) asked when I put on the niqab, "Doesn't you feel hot?" I replied with a no. And that's the truth. Unless you are sitting under the sun, wearing niqab or not is still the same. I am hoping, I really hope, someday, all Muslims in Malaysia will wear hijab, and niqab will be like icing on the cake.

Paman dropped me at CFS, how kind is he. I asked him just to drop me at any one of the KTM station but when we almost reached the station, he decided to send me to CFS instead. Syukran C:


While I was preparing for talaqqi at 10 a.m, I received a message from a sister asking me whether I would like to go with them. I replied with a yes. A company or two would be nice, I thought. The journey to talaqqi would take almost one hour because of the bus schedule so I usually boarded at 11 a.m.

At 11, the other sisters were buying their breakfast. At 11.30, another sister just came in with her breakfast. All in all, we were at the front gate merely 15 minutes before 12. The talaqqi will start at 12. I know you can guess how furious I was.

I was seriously mad, but I kept thinking, what was the reason behind it? Why did Allah test me in such a way? At that time I remembered that I had made my sister waited for me the day before. So I guess this was kind of a pay back to me. I accepted with a lot of patience and alot of silence along the journey.

When the five of us arrived at the University Station, I immediately hold a cab and made my own decision. The followed and we arrived late, obviously, and I missed one verse from last week. It was okay though, I learnt that I really shouldn't make people waiting or they will make me waiting, which I hate. It was a valuable lesson to me.

I separated from them after the talaqqi because I decided to have a walk around the city. They went back to CFS in a car driven by a sister from UM while I waited for the LRT at the University Station. I don't know where to go, and I chose Masjid Jamek. I was alone, and I am travelling to somewhere I am not familiar with. Oh, that's my life.

I arrived at Masjid Jamek station safe and sound. I walked and walked, and decided, "Well, I could buy something here." But what should I buy? I immediately decided to find a store that sell niqab but I was disappointed because none sell one. So I decided to look for a book store instead. I founded two and it was amazing. I bought Bidayatul Hidayah and Aqidatun Najin in Jawi.

Then I bought Putu Mayam because I hadn't eat it for a while (I mean years) and headed back to CFS. Alhamdulillah, all in all, the journey was a fine one.


I went to the library, forgetting that it was public holiday but the library was opened. It will be close at 2.45 pm. So I linger around the first and second floor where I spent most of my time this semester. Though I usually went to the third floor during last semester. I got fined because I returned a book late. It was an embarrassing moment because I went to the library every single day during study week but I still didn't manage to return my books on time. MasyaAllah.

I was planning to give muffins to Sir Ashraf, Sir Wan and Miss Rahimah but they didn't come during public holidays so I gave it to a friend of mine instead.

During the afternoon I decided to went to SMAWP3 and study Maths. I went to my Maths class last semester and studied there alone. That was a nostalgic moment. I hate changes, but some changes are for good. 190 is my past, so will be S1. I wonder how 194 will cope with me.

When I returned to the mahallah almost at 7 o'clock, I met Amalina. We were watching cartoon when she said that the cartoons' voices were more matured than mine. So I asked her wheter there is anyone in this whole CFS that have the same voice as me. She said no. And I wonder. Hm.

I know my voice is weird, and small, and cartoon-like. But I never thought it would be one of its kind. Do help me find someone with a voice like mine?

p.s: This doesn't sound like a travel log right? *Sigh* I need more adrenaline and adventure.
p.p.s: I realized that I wore the same outfit as usual. Like the pictures I posted before. So if you saw someone like me, alone somewhere, say "Assalamualaikum" :D


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