Sunday, December 18, 2011

Travel log 6.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Today I,
hit the road, :D

Slept at 3 o'clock and woke up for Fajr prayer.
Getting myself ready for Talaqqi at Madrasah An-Nur at 12noon.
Those who wanted to go must gather at 11a.m both brothers and sisters.

So I waited and waited.
Okay, I might had slept while waiting *innocently smile*.

While I was getting ready, I felt very -- hype.
I don't exactly know why but perhaps it was because it is Talaqqi, so I am excited by idea of studying and read books and gain knowledge. Fun :D
I left my room empty, as both my room mate went home this week, carrying only a bag filled with a note book and al-Quran translation. I walked and walked.

I arrived at the front gate few minutes after 11a.m.
And I am all alone.
Shall I freak out?

I guessed not.
But I did, when I saw two brothers and I assumed they were also planning to go to Talaqqi.
For a mere second, I gave them a quick glance and they also gave me a quick glance and the three of us knew, we were going to the same place. No, Amirah, you won't freak out -- yet.

As people might guess, we were very very far apart from each other.
At some point, perhaps we were trying to ignore and pretend not to know anything.
I don't know those brothers, they don't know me. That's the truth.

The night before, I gained my guts to ask Ustaz Azhar Idrus about going to Talaqqi or somewhere for good reasons but all alone. Do I really need a chaperone? He haven't answer me yet. I'll let you know if he did.

So I realized that this time, my travel log will be a loner travel log again.
Oh, never mind. Experience is the best teacher, ain't it?

The bus ride was as usual, and I walked to the LRT station for the second bus. The bus was already there but the driver wasn't. So I have to wait. It was a hot day and suddenly, I saw a niqabi and I felt happy. I was thinking, "Is she going to Talaqqi also?" I was standing at a corner while she decided to sit. I have no guts to ask. But we boarded the same bus so I felt very much relieved and thought she was also from CFS even though I haven't seen a niqabi wearing brown niqab (like she did) before.

When the bus almost reach Madrasah An-Nur, I finally took a look of the passengers in the bus. Then I realised, the niqabi wasn't there. But the two brothers were and it made nervous and kind of heart broken. I really thought I would have a company.

I distanced myself from the brothers and entered Madrasah An-Nur and headed to the muslimahs' area. There were a group of niqabi from UM and few other regulars. Talaqqi started and Habib Ali covered for three Kitab out of four. For the first time, I saw Habib Ali face. Eventhough I had went to his classes before but I never had the chance to see him as they will be a hijab (a curtain) that separated us muslimahs and muslims. When I was about to take a sit, the curtain moved a little and for seconds I saw him, Alhamdulillah. Finally I had the chance to see the one who taught me a lot.

When Talaqqi finished, all of us performed Zohr prayer together and ate lunch. I got information that Ustaz Azhar Idrus will be giving a talk at Taman Melawati. I was reluctant to go because I didn't know where the place was. But I think and think and decided to go. I didn't want to miss a chance of meeting a very respectable person. I might not have any other chance.

I had to excused myself early from the other guests and walked to the bus station. I realized that I don't have any RM1 note so I went to a store to buy something when I saw the bus. I practically ran (though gracefully :D) and managed to board the bus. I paid with coins.

That was the exact time I realised, travelling alone is not that good. I was the only woman in the bus (it creeps me out just a little). When I arrived at University LRT Station, I bought the token to Wangsa Maju. The ride was longer than half an hour. Stepping out the LRT, I saw a magnificent view of KLCC twin towers and KL tower. I was thinking of taking pictures but of course, I didn't. I would be to embarrass if people sees me as a tourist. I'm Malaysian ><

When I was about to walk out of the station, I realised one tiny little problem. Well, there were practically four ways to exit the station and I did not know which one is the right one for me. So I asked the attendants and flee to the bus station happily. They answered my question readily, it was nice. At the bus slash taxi station, I walked around to find the correct bus. I was told to board T306. But then, I saw U20 was heading to Taman Melawati also so I single mindedly boarded the bus, talked to the driver and took the journey to the unknown place (Oh, mystery XD).

I was safe and sound in the bus until, again I realised, I was the only woman. One by one of the passengers stopped at their respective stations until the only persons in the bus was me and the driver. He told me to call my friend (Tasneem :3 ) and ask the direction. I did just what he told while he was driving the bus at the slowest speed as possible so I won't miss my destination. Alhamdulillah, we managed to find the mosque where Ustaz Azhar Idrus was giving the talk. I was too happy and too excited to see many many cars around and I heard Ustazs' voice even from the corner. I walked, enter the mosque and took a sit.

It was unbelievable.

But I can't see Ustaz Azhar. So I was pretty disturbed. I found my way through the crowd and finally I managed to have a sit and saw Ustaz Azhar from the slit of the door. Alhamdulillah, Subhanallah. I had been given the chance to see the face of two respectable man today. I was, and am so much grateful. I listened to his talk and him answering questions with patience and a little dose of joke here and there. He made everyone smiled and laughed as he did to me but filled us with knowledge along the way. I wished I could write something that is as fun and as informative, insyaAllah.

Tasneem texted me afterwards offering a ride to the LRT station so I agreed. Before we left, I met a group of niqabi and they asked me to sit with them and we took pictures together. I was pretty stunned and acquired a little bit of happiness as I wasn't always be around a whole bunch of niqabi. It had been always me alone or with one or two more. So I found it heart warming to be amongst them.

I performed my 'Asr prayer afterwards at Tasneems' house and she gave me a bag of rambutan, which I like dearly. Her parents sent me to Setiawangsa LRT station and I thanked them and bought the token back to University. Tasneem, may Allah bless you and your family for your kindness and hospitality, Ameen C:

The ride back home was, well, unexpected. I was sitting alone until a whole group of Indian youngsters boarded in and sat around where I was sitting and suddenly a Chinese man shouted at them and asked one of them to behave. I didn't say anything, I can't. I was pretty much speechless and not to mention intimidated, I was one of two women in the compartment and I was the only Malay, if they assumed so. I might as well be a tourist, after all.

But, Alhamdulillah, the fight (which hardly occurred) hadn't last long though the tension was still floating in the air. I managed to arrived at my destination on the exact time for Maghrib prayer. I was in the middle of whether to go back to CFS or stop by at Masjid Ar-Rahman and stay until Isya'. I was alone and I am a woman. I don't want any fitnah to spread around. I really don't. So I made the decision to wait for a certain amount of time and Alhamdulillah, the bus came and I quickly boarded.

Yet again, even though I wasn't the only woman in the bus but when I stepped out across the road of CFS, I realised that I was the only sister. I almost cry out of misery. I crosses the road as fast as possible, keeping my distance from the brothers (and there were lots, I don't know why) and walked back to CFS to directly perform Maghrib prayer.

Safe and sound in my room.

The rest of the night went as unusual as it can be. Kee offered me mangosteen which I ate a lot and I ate roti canai after years I stayed away from it as I didn't like the taste. However, it was pretty tasty. Finally, I can say I am truly a Malaysian. I ate Roti Canai :D (please read with a bold writing on it).

And that's it for the day.
It was a cool day and I learned many things. I know this is a long post, so help yourself to skip wherever you want *smile*.


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