Saturday, December 24, 2011

Reasons: "Why People Should Have A Blog?"

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

So my mind was triggered by my friend, Kee, when she said:
"I don't understand why bloggers write things. Is it because they want people to read it, or not?" (by "not" she meant blogs as diaries)

Not to mention the statement my friend Fatihah gave me:
"I've read your blog."

I hear, I think and I reply, with a post in my blog.


Reason number ONE.

Because people don't exactly love to write on pieces of papers or diaries any more. They tend to have this amazing experiences and want to tell others (or just keep it to themselves) about it but just because nowadays writing isn't exactly a common hobby for any one, any where, they forgot those things and let it be. Let gone be by gone. Stop it right there, those are your memories, why shouldn't you have a copy of it anywhere besides in your own brain and you will somehow, forget about it eventually.

So I suggest this: type about it and save it in a blog. Most of us will be in front of computers at least once a day, so it would be easier; not to mention faster.

Reason number TWO.

Because people doesn't like to talk much. Seriously, even you wouldn't listen to every bits of my stories (or even your beloved ones) every single day at the end of each day (or sometimes at the end of every hour) if I tell you out loud and make you sit with me for hours, would you? If you would, then be my soul mate pretty please? Naah, I guess you wouldn't. (InsyaAllah my guessing is correct)

So people find another way to tell everyone they know about their daily life, everyday. Because a blogger always update his/her posts whenever free times are available (and that would include me) and a blogger friends always have this little feeling of curiosity to stalk someone's blog. Believe me, get rid of your myspace, friendster is no longer exists and facebook is getting boring, but blog; the writings (or typings) in it are much more reliable and truth to be told,  sometimes are far more interesting. I don't know, I feel it that way. I don't know what you think, because I don't know you :D

Reason number THREE.

Because all of us are actors slash actresses. Let's see, how many times do you pretend to like something but you actually don't? How many times you hide your feelings from your friends in a day? How many times you want to say something but you can't? Count all of those and tell me, will you feel better to write (or type) about it knowing the person you want to tell the most read it? I have been in a situation where a group of best friends, and only one of them doesn't own a blog, have a good relationship with each other because of they write and read every single blog of each one of them. One would say, "Actually I want to tell..." and the next few hours another would say, "Oh, now I know what you actually felt..." or something like that. But they never express in the real world. They'll fix the broken strings, but silently.

So, isn't it interesting? Write something and post your blog link to your FB account and that person will read it. Want to know why people read your blog out of the sudden? Here are two reasons:

  • Not everyone have blogs, and when FB is getting boring, a link to a blog from your wall, will be the next big news of all. Most people will at least click it. Not to mention your best friends or classmates. They will have this question mark hover around their head asking, since when do you have blog, or, what are you writing about today?
  • The title. If you post something like: "My Diary for Today" and the person you want to read it knows for a fact he/she had spent the whole day with you, he/she will certainly read that post. Hoping his/her name would appear. (or in most cases, don't appear)
Reason number FOUR.

Last but not least, because you can actually improve your spelling :D Because when you write in English, you will have that red mark marking your incorrect vocabulary. How cool is that? Even I sometimes confuse of those letters such as; definitely (I used to type definetely) and any more (I used to type anymore)

As I can't make a red underline, I just make it red letters.

Okay, that's all for now.
I would want to say (or type) that blogging is not for everyone but certainly, sometimes people need a blog. Writing is cool though, a diary have more mystery aura around it compare to a blog. My blog recently had not been a personal (with a few friends knowing) blog any more. It was a twist, but a good one. I really, * seriously* hope that my blog is informative or somewhat entertaining. You may comment on any post that you like. I would really appreciate those.

Last but not least (again), I really want to ask this one particular question:

Why does the word "blog" still is not included in dictionary and have those red mark every time I type it in this post? Someone please please please let the dictionary publishers know that they are missing one important word that had been used millions or trillions times in lifetime.



  1. kenapa kamu perlu menulis blog...
    -kerana saya suka baca blog awak

  2. thats rite~~
    i dont know you~~^_^

  3. assalam, yeaaahh.. u rite.. blog is the way u write down anything in ur mind but yet u actually can't talk about it. seriously i like ur blog. may Allah swt always give u an idea to write something on ur blog. ^_^


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم