Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love letter,

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

This one, is for my family, teachers, and friends.

To ami and abah,
how could I express my apologize?
For everything that I made that might hurt each of you.
For the times I thought, I was alone but both of you are still there.
Raising me up, to more than I can be.

To Kika, Anith, Syahmi and Danish,
how could I express my love?
When people stared because of my niqab, you guys walked besides me.
Trusted me for my choice.
And you never complaint.
How could I ask for more?

To Acik, Dania, Danial, Adriana and Akif,
it was hard to accept at first.
But then, you are my family.
I never thought I would have a huge family as I do now.
And yes, I would never can thank you much.

To Mak,
what can I say?
Mak dah besarkan Kira.
You where there, everytime, everywhere.
Siapa ambil Kira punya report card?
Siapa masak untuk Kira?
Siapa teman Kira pergi sekolah?
Who else knows what I like and what I don't like?
How could I left you?
How could I not be able to see you for 7 years?
Mak, I am very sorry for everything.
There's nothing that I wish more than leaving this world before you.
Because if you are not around, I don't know what I'll do.

To my relatives,
I know we haven't met that often.
But having the chance to leave,
you just can't leave my head.
Family comes first, and I thank Allah for having you as my family.

To my teachers and lecturers,
believe it or not, I think I spent too many hours in schools.
I love you guys, truly.
For all the homework, for all the duties.
How many times had you be patient with this girl?
The one that ran around playing hide and seek.
The one that you spare your time with.
Taught me how to add one to another one.
Thank you, for everything.

To my school mates,
to those who called me Gogal, Miwa, Amirah, Wani, Ustazah and so on.
I never guessed I will have such names.
I never guessed I will have such friends.
Thank you, for being there everytime I throw a birthday party.
Thank you, for being there when I cried.
When I was sick and laid my head on your shoulder.
When I was afraid and grabbed your hands.
When I was angry and I couldn't when I see your faces.
How could I, not wanting to meet you in Jannah?
The place where would be together forever.

To 190 and 194,
thank you, for your patience.
For having me in the class, perhaps it was a struggle.
For the sisters,
for the the time we spent together,
for the tears and laughs.
For the brothers,
for the time we did not spent together,
for the awkwardness and fights.
How should I say?
I won't trade any other group in this CFS for you.

For 939 and 941,
don't read this won't you?
Because if you did,
you'll know how much I care for you.

Inilah surat cinta ana, kepada yang mengenali.
Inilah surat perpisahan ana, kepada yang ingin melambai pergi.


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