Friday, March 2, 2012


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.



Ok, what's in your mind? C:

Please brothers, don't ask any more.
And sisters also.


p.s: No, I'm not engaged. No, I don't have someone. Yes, one day I'll reply with a yes.
Is there someone that will say:

"Bismillah, would you marry me... with your daughter, please?"
Please, say this to my father. He'll accept. InsyaAllah.

p.p.s: *edited after post*
One of many asked, but one asked few days back.
"Why did you wear niqab?"

I have many answers, but, at that time, I replied:
"Because Allah had promised that He would grant us a partner who is equivalent. I try, at my best, to be a good muslimah and I wish, and I hope, that my partner would do the same on his side."

Maaf, buat sesiapa saja. Maaf, jika ana menjadi fitnah tanpa disedari.
Ana dah cuba. Adakah memang perlunya ana pergi dari sini untuk lari?
Atau ana pergi untuk selamatkan hati?

Semoga, cahaya itu cahaya yang sebaik-baiknya. Allahumma amin.


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