Monday, October 10, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

How's your faith (iman) today?


I have a a story to tell you.
(geez, I have too many stories)
This time, it is about warranty.

I have always, for the millionth time, left my Superkira recklessly anywhere, anytime.
I love my Superkira of course, but I just, well, don't care.
this might because it was given to me.
So I don't have the feel of, well, having to spend my own money? (Hmph.)

Enough said.

The real reason was because, I have a warranty.
It is not the usual warranty you get for free for one year or two.
It is the warranty that is worth RM770, and you have to pay for it.
It will covers any damage.
For the whole year.

So, that's it.
The reason.

Whenever we, as a person, have a guarantee of something,
the guarantee IF we lose it, or damage the particular item,
that the item will be restore to normal or given a new one,
we will feel more secure.

What's my point here?

If you haven't figure it out yet, I'll tell you otherwise :D

When I came to IIUM, I gained that kind of feeling.
I gained my confident in humanity,
but most of all, I gained my confident in Allah s.w.t.

Every time, if I have valuable things, I don't worry anymore.
I don't worry if I left it anywhere in the world.
I am not afraid, of losing anymore.

But it doesn't mean, that I don't even care of my belongings.
Belongings for me,
are not only stuffs like laptop, phone or money.
My friends, family, beloved ones, are also included.
Because, I've always, always longing for them.
Every single time.

I was born, or we were born,
in an era, far from our beloved Prophet, Muhammad s.a.w (p.b.u.h).
I've always wanted to meet him.
But who am I to ask for such a thing?

Even though, I might not stand a chance.
I still have a warranty.
A warranty that Allah s.w.t will always, care our Prophet, with the best way.

And today,

I have lost, someone, that I thought, will be besides me forever.
I have lost, a friend, my best friend, that I care dearly.
For not all of the others might know my sadness,
I'll be only express this in my blog.
And might few of the others know by myself.


I only ask for one particular warranty.
May Allah, keeps that person, under his blessings. InsyaAllah.


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