Sunday, October 9, 2011

The name I've always wanted,

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
*warning, this is a non-educational post*

كيف حلك؟


Have you ever thought, of you future children names?
I had.
Since I was form 1.

It wasn't that early for me. I have always wanted kid by my own.
I just don't want to marry during my early age.
Just, kids.

Every time, I say out loud their names, I had experienced multiple reaction.
Some will say -- "liar" and others will -- laugh.
I don't blame them for being sarcastic over my kids names but, it is still my choice.
I wouldn't laugh at your kids names for sure, insyaAlllah.

So, what's the name again?

Alfie Muhammad Cinta Ku Aqso Shah
Alfia Khadijah Sayang Ku Madina Syah
Alief Muhammad Kasih Ku Firdaus Shah
Alifa Humaira' Rindu Ku Ma'wa Syah


I warned you, this is not an educational post at all.
I just want to randomly type things. I'm bored.

However, I found out that there are few names that is simple yet meaningful.
I won't choose any other name for my boys except Muhammad.
But for girls, there are few names I came across that gripped my attention:

Shafura -- This is the name of Prophet Moses (Musa) a.s wife.
Qamar -- The moon.
Dhia' -- Glow.
Nur -- Light.
Orkid -- a flower.

So, whether my future kids will have a long, long name that I've always wanted or just one, short simple name, it really does depends on their future father. In other words, my future husband.

I am keeping myself safe and secure, because Allah had promised that He would give us a partner that we deserve. Where is he now? I don't know, but I'll be waiting. 


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