Thursday, October 6, 2011

It is about you for once,

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I love Engineering.
I wanted to be an Automotive Engineer.

Eventhough it might not be my life-long ambition, however, I am willingly devoting myself on the journey of becoming an Engineer.

It might be a little hard as I am not good in Maths.
There might be a struggle as I am a woman in the field where the majority are men.
Nevertheless, I still want to be an engineer.

The reason why I wrote, or exactly typed things like this is because,
I felt that students in my batch, specifically those ENGENIUSes, did not want to be an engineer.
They rather be something else, eventhough they are currently, studying Foundation of ENGINEERING.
I say, what-the-deck?

You are not suppose to take these things easy, for you own information.
Do you even know how engineers in this world succeed?
Do you even care what engineers in this whole wide world, past to present, had accomplished?
They made our lives easier, with grants from Allah.

They worked their minds off to study, think and experimenting trillions of new, undiscovered scientific information.
I respect them for what they did, for their hard works.
So I follow their footsteps.

I certainly have things to be paid off.
I am bad in Maths, so I learn it. Until the point I have to do exercises – every, single night.
Yes I admit, once, I throw up. I did too many Maths until I felt sick and throw up.
But it didn't stop me. I continued.

I love Physics, most of you might think it is easy for me to learn Physics as I like it.
The real answer is no.
Not at all.
It becomes harder and harder because I felt, if we do love certain subjects, we must learn it until the point that we understand it very well and can explain it to people.
I read every Physics book that catches my eyes whenever I was in the library.
I worked-unbelievably-hard for Physics.

This two subjects, perfectly important to an engineer.

If you can't do both, you just can't be one.

This is why I hate illogical things.
If you don't want to be an engineer, why even bother?
If you don't want to study, why even bother?
If you don't want to learn from your failure, or taking advices from people, why even bother?

This is my love you are messing with.
You won't get pass through me, if you don't like it as much as I do.

You are, one the ENGENIUSes. A future engineer, a genius, a Muslim.
Never take things for granted, will you?

Few things to ponder, few websites to look through:


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