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CFS 190

Assalamualaikum w.b.t



I found that my previous font was, well, nice but almost unreadable.
So I decided just to keep it simple. Not that people read these things of me writing an awful lot of stuffs anyway.

Friends and foes,
I have a story to tell. Do not complaint, as this is my blog you looking at.

On the 11th of July 2010, we, my friends and I, almost the whole batch of SPM '10 went to Masjid al-Munawwarah for a Qiam programme. I never cry during a programme like this. But last year, it was different.

One of my friend just lost his father.
I knew that Aisyah is an orphan, Nik also. But I never thought much about it.

Until that time, the importance of parents really hit me.

I was raised, practically by my family. My grandmother, my mother's mother, took care of me during most of my childhood. My elder sister was sometimes sick, and my younger sister was just one year apart from me. And there was me, in the middle of everything.

I lost my grandfather, my mother's father, at the age of 7. I was leaving for school when I saw Ami picked up the phone, silently putting it back, sent me to the bus, and cried. Back then, I don't understand a thing.

During the funeral, I saw people crying. Most of the relatives were there. Suddenly, I cried. People asked why, I don't know.

Abah and Ami were always busy with their job. Abah marry another at my age of 12. I went to the boarding school at 13.

So I don't have that kind of feeling that whenever you think about your parents, you will cry.

However, that day, it did changed me. I cried through the whole programme.
Come to think about it, I am lucky to still have my parents, three of my grandparents, my step family and my relatives around. Some people don't.

The real story starts here, in Malay.

Semua menangis, di dalam dewan itu.
Samalah dengan diri ini.
Siapa yang akan menduga? Dalam keramaian itu, abang Fasi memanggil aku.

"Kenapa awak menangis?"

Aku senyap, untuk berfikir. Aku menghela nafas,

"Sebab, saya sedar, bila ayah saya mengahwini orang lain, saat itulah saya mula tidak percaya akan kebahagiaan."

Dalam hati ini, 'aku tidak pernah menganggap keluarga itu penting.'

Kata-kata aku terhenti oleh air mata. Sebak. Mana mungkin tidak. Semua di situ menangis kerana menyanyangi keluarga mereka. Aku? Aku menangis kerana baru pertama kalinya aku menyebut perkataan keluarga itu dan memahami maksudnya. Zahir dan batin.

Sedang aku berdiri di situ keseorangan,
abang itu memandang ke arah rakan-rakanku dan berkata,
"Kawan awak sedang menangis, siapa kawan baik dia?"

Semua memandang dia, tatkala dia mengangkat tangan, berdiri, lalu memeluk diri ini.

Nur Aisyah binti Alias.

Pertama kalinya, aku dipeluk sebegitu. Benar, aku tidak suka orang menzahirkan kasih sayang dengan tingkah laku. Tapi, itulah saatnya aku merasa syukur, ada yang menyanyangiku, dan berada disisiku ketika aku bersedih.


Yesterday, I thought of sending this story as a text to few of my classmates. Because I felt that the fondness that I felt toward them is almost the same with what I felt towards Aisyah. I like them, as in like with love. But I didn't send the message though.

I wanted to write in here instead. So I can write a long entry, about each of my classmates in 190.

Here we go, randomly picked, the quarter of my world, the S to my Super.

Fatin Husna, she's the one who memorize Quran by heart. The cute little angel that whenever I see her, I see pieces of me. The one that calm my heart and everyone else. You won't always get the perfect answer, as you have to be patient, to get the best.

Nur Anis, she's my beloved fiancee. She's a genius. Another pearl that came out of the sea, just to show the world how she can shine and be one of multimillion. One that you just can't blame her of anything because of the sweetness.

Nur Aini, the tallest of all. One of the softest, you might want to tilt your head down low as you will be embarrassed by her elegance. Really down-to-earth, as you might say. But with the heart of a brave knight.

Inani Najihah, the MRC. She's adorable, and you might feel like to pinch her everytime and tell her how funny she is. She gets through everything, anything that came on her way. Her journey will never stops, and I am proud to be a part of it.

Farah Zahidah, my Sarawakian. Fair and tall, she's the model of a true princess. She got all the lucky charms that shine through every piece of mirrors, and when you look closely, it is actually pieces of diamonds. You can't get another one, that can beat her boldness.

Tasneem, yet another genius. Living her teenage years in Riyadh, Saudi. She is like on of the mountains, which is as high as the sky. Because not everyone could catch the sun ray, or the moon and stars. But she did.

Adawiyyah, the new kid in class. I never thought in a thousand years that I could bond with her. But she's amazing in everything she did. A true role model, with the attitude of a lady that will make you bow, everytime you see her pass through.

Faridatul Hidayah, our fairy. Have you ever wonder who is the cute little girl who runs away everywhere and spreads her magic? That is her. She might be, perhaps she is, the most lovable person I know in my whole entire life.

That is all for sisters. Brothers? Hm, let me think about it first.


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