Friday, October 21, 2011

The day I turn 18.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.


Yup, you got me, I am EIGHTEEN.
Officially, as some of the websites might state,
I am an ADULT :D

Well, that just mean my maturity level is probably getting a little bit higher, doesn't it?

I wonder if asking my brothers to buy me toys as my present would effect my maturity or not, hm.

Get over it, I am EIGHTEEN.
And you know I am smiling.

For the first time in years since my first birthday party, I don't actually have a party this year.
I don't even celebrate it the way I used to -- inviting the whole school to come over after school's ended.

I practically keep it simple this year.

I am having my nervous breakdown, by recently-happened-awkward-dreadful-problem.
But never mind, if time won't heal, I'll just pretend to forget things.

Allright, truth being told, I am not in the mood to write.
Although I do want to write a whole lot more. I guess I am just too tired because of work. I'll keep my literature to be read later.

Last for today, but certainly not the least,
I want to thank everyone who remember my birth date by heart, eventhough you might not wish.
I want to thank everyone who have been reminded and wish me all the best.
I want to thank everyone who gave me gifts for the past years until now.
I want to thank anyone who reads this.

I love you, with all of what left of my sicken heart,


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