Thursday, October 27, 2011

Days at work.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

So I am writing this entry,
dedicated to my beloved Fatin Husna ;D
She asked me too write about this, I call it as enforcement.
(Not that I always have the chance to use that word)

Here you go

I am currently working, 13 hours per day.

I am a sales assistant at one of the stalls at Giant.
A bag stall.
Memento Gifts&Bags C:

My shift starts 9.30a.m every day.
It will end before 10.30p.m.
For the almost-whole-day, I'll be staying there, in a freezing condition.
Never did I forgot to bring my sweater.

What did I do, exactly?

Well, as soon as I arrive, I'll open my stall.
Put everything to their places, then I'll count my stock. In case of something magically gone.
Then I'll went to the actual shop and count my "flow money".

After all the hard work, I'll sit on the chair provided, and read Ratib al-Haddad.
If I bring a book, I'll read it until I finish it. I had read 4 books that I bought during The Big Bad Wolf Sale and I finished it within hours. I was, bored.
If I don't, I'll read the most amazing book ever, al-Quran.

At 11 o'clock, I'll perform Dhuha prayer.

Then I'll recite al-Quran.

At 1 o'clock, I'll perform my Zuhr prayer.

Then I'll write my book, if I bring my Superkira. The books that I am writing are: The Year I Turn 18 (fiction), A Walk To Remember:CFS IIUM (non-fiction) and Sakif Habibi (non-fiction).
If I don't, I'll recite al-Quran.

When the time comes, I'll perform my 'Asr prayer.

Then I'll read Ratib al-Haddad and recite al-Quran.

Around 7, I'll perform my Maghrib prayer.

Then I'll recite al-Quran.

I'll always look forward for Isya'.
Because after Isya', it is the time for my memorization to be put to test.
I'll repeat my memorization of Quran again and again.

I usually read the tafseer while repeating.
It helps :)

So that is my days, and most probably will for the next couple of months.
I am happy, as I spend more time with al-Quran, books and I'll be waiting for the perfect time to bring my heavy, Physics textbook. I want to concentrate on my writing first.

There it goes, a very, straight forward post.
I don't play my words around, like I usually did, and will do.

You may read Sakif Habibi at:

The other two are not for view at the mean time because I am planning to publish it, insyaAllah, with a authorised publisher. When I finish it, of course.


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