Friday, November 4, 2011

Travel log.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Lets fast tomorrow, shall we?

Disunatkan kepada orang yang tidak melakukan ibadah haji. Fadhilatnya sangat besar sebagaimana dijelaskan menerusi hadith daripada Abi Qatadah r.a. ujurnya, Rasullullah s.a.w.telah ditanya oleh sahabat mengenai puasa hari 'Arafah, sabdanya bermaksud: "Ia menghapuskan dosa setahun yang lalu dan tahun-tahun kemudiannya." (Riwayatkan oleh Muslim dan al-Turmuzi)

Menerusi hadith daripada Abi Qatadah r.a. juga bahawa Rasullullah s.a.w. bersabda yang bermaksud: "Puasa pada hari 'Arafah itu menghapuskan dosa dua tahun yang lalu dan tahun yang akan datanag." (Diriwayat oleh Muslim)

I arrived at Shah Alam, almost two hours ago.
From CFS.
It was, a long journey.

I prepared myself at 11.30a.m. I told my mother and went downstairs.
I was starving, so I went to KCs'  Cafe. It was empty.
So I heard some sisters were talking about going to the cafe at UKC.
I was... doubting.

But... I was starving.
So I took a deep breath and walked into the cafe.
I don't care who I saw or what I was thinking about going in there,
I grabbed a sandwich and paid and head back to KC.
I won't, eat there.

After I ate, I head to the front gate, waited for the bus, boarded and arrived at MidValley.
While waiting at the bust stop for U65 to Alam Megah, suddenly,
an old Chinese man sat besides me and asked, "Are you waiting for U85?"
He wasn't looking me in the eyes, as there was nothing else for him to see.
I expressed a weird look, but I realised that he can't see my face.
So I said, "No."
He replied, "Can you tell me when the bus arrived so I can board?"
Then it hit me, he didn't look at me not because he can't see my face but he can't see at all.
I felt really embarrassed and pity at the same time so I reply with a yes.

I know for a fact that if his bus is later than mine, then I have to skip my bus.
The fact was right, I missed two bus.
And U85 never arrived.

Everytime a bus stopped at the station, he pointed out his hand, and said, "Is it the bus?"
I reply with a no.
I was wondering whether is he blind or he can't read.
I am still wondering.

People at the bus stop starting to realise the weird connection between me and him.
Someone even asked.
So I explained.
"He was waiting for U85."

At the end of the next hour, he said to me, "I'm going back to Puchong. I can't wait any longer. The bus driver is dead. Can you tell me when the bus to Puchong stops by?"
I reply with a yes.
There were three bus. I said, "The last bus is the bus to Puchong."
He said okay, but he walked to the second bus.

So I ran after him, telling him it was the wrong one, and walked him to the last bus.
He boarded safely.
I was doubting about him having any money but when I was about to make my decision of handing a few notes, the door closed and the bus driver drove away.
I was left there, dumb-founded.

This have actually happen to me a few times.
All in all,
my travels, had been interesting. Hm.


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