Saturday, November 26, 2011

Travel log 4.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Today, I travelled to: Masijd ar-Rahman, University Malaya.

I was planning to go alone, even though I had asked my friends. I just could see the answer "no." And I've been right. I won't lie that it sadden me a little.

Little did I thought, I would go with a senior. A sister, if I have to mention.

The main reason, and truly, my intention was to attend "UM Berselawat." There's no doubt, it had been arranged by the students there. I had this calm feeling surrounding my heart when I said I am going to "UM Berselawat." It feels like, well, a pray. An honest pray that all of the Muslims in UM always remember our beloved prophet, Muhammad s.a.w.

I also noted that there will be two honourable guests, which are Al-Habib Najqmuddin bin Othman Al-Kirid and Al-Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin bin Abu Bakar Al-Hamid. I've never seen them, never had the chance to meet. Now they are close enough, I won't let the opportunity to fade away. I've always been taught to search for knowledge, to those who are knowledgeable, rather than to wait for it or them to come to me.

The program will start at 6 p.m.

I am planning to go with sis Aisyah at 5.00 p.m.

I cancelled my intention to go to UKM as the schedule clashed and I have no idea how to get back to CFS on time before 10.00 p.m.
It was heartbreaking to think I have to choose, but I fairly made my decision. InsyaAllah, I prayed that it would be the best decision.

I prepared myself, and I was a little in hurry. I just realised that I don't have any bag. Actually, I do have one. And that is CFS Ta'aruf bag. I silently thought why I haven't been a true girl and be girlish so I can have at least, one shopping bag. Or the kind of bag that is convenient for a girl. I looked around and realised I have no choice. I grabbed the bag, unpack all my Chemistry books and notes and I filled it with Bidayatul Hidayah, Ihya' Ulumuddin, Bekal Akhirat, Ratib al-Haddad, Al-Quran Translation and a note book. I also packed breads, a bottle of drink and telekung. I know I had brought a lot of books, but I felt really comfortable with all those by my sides.

Few minutes after the clock stroke 5, we were on our way to the gate.
We had to inform the guard our possibilities of coming back later than our curfew.
He asked when we expect to arrive, and I answered logically, 11.00 p.m.
The program scheduled to end by 10.30 pm.

When we arrived at LRT Station, we headed to the next bus. Alhamdulillah, we were perfect on time to catch the next bus and stopped a few steps from the mosque. I remembered my intention well and suddenly my eyes caught a glimpse of a small stall. I had to see what they were selling. The urge made me felt wrong, so I took a look away and registered. I immediately find a place to sit when I realised, I hadn't pray Tahiyyatul Masjid. It is not a common prayer for me, as I rarely been there. I felt disappointed  but there was nothing I could do. I already sat.

For those out there, do remember to pray before you sit in the mosque. InsyaAllah, you will be rewarded by Allah.

I decided that I would take a look at that stall, so I asked my companion to join me. She agreed.  I kept saying to myself to remember my intention well. I am not here to shop. When I finally had a good look at that stall, I realised that it had always been there, it was not the kind of open-only-for-the-event. So I stood in front of the stall a while longer, to see what's in it. The front of the stall was full with honey, and goat milks, and everything else. I hadn't been concentrating as my eyes were locked upon what was at the back at the stall. Books.

Books and al-Quran to be precise. I could differentiate by their thickness.

I tried to control my breath and asked, "Is the book for sale?" The shopkeeper, an old but wise man said yes. He invited me into the stall. I walked slowly.

As I reached the back of the stall, the area fit only for one person, I scanned through the books. The books were all covered in dust and every book on top had the sign of which people had read it. I guessed that would be the shopkeeper.

I don't care about the dust, I picked each book and scanned through it. "One book only," I said to myself. After a few minutes, even though I was quiet sure it was more than that, the shopkeeper asked if I will be needing a ladder. I gazed the books on top of the shelves and agreed to have the ladder. I thought for a second, if it was appropriate for me to climb such a ladder but the books hypnotised me. I climbed after the shopkeeper asked me to be careful.

I saw, a book by al-Imam Hujjatul Islam al-Ghazali, and I smiled.

The feeling was, well, unbearable. I was happy for that moment. Enjoying every single moment of it. Then I saw, the translation of al-Hikam. I knew at that moment, that was the book I have to read. So I brought it down, and said to the shopkeeper I'll buy it. He was kind of surprised to see the book in my hand. He asked, "al-Hikam?" And I shyly said yes. I paid for it and went back to the mosque.

I felt like my life had completed. Never mind the pain and suffering before, I had found most of the books I've longing to read. I still remembered my half an hour of searching Ihya' Ulumuddin at the library. Imagine to stand in front of thousands of book but you have to say sorry for you can't read them yet and find one particular book. I almost gave up. Alhamdullilah, I didn't.

The day doesn't end here, but my story will. I'll tell the rest tomorrow, insyaAllah. It had been a long day.


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