Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Travel log 2.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

“Setiap yang bernyawa pasti akan mati.” (al-Anbia’: 34)

I woke up, and texted my mother. "Where are you guys now?"
And she replied, "We are still at kampung, will board after noon."
And I was speechless, I got a class at 2, and I'm still at Shah Alam.

The night before, I was preparing to close the gift shop; the place where I lend a hand to work for a couple of days during Eid Adha as the workers all went to their respective villages. I was reading a book, when a customer, who was a beautiful young lady came in and ask, "Are you already closing?" I got weird, and said, "No." "Do you wrap presents?" she asked. "Yes," I replied. Then I realised that all the other shops were closed or preparing to close. The lady called her man and the next thing I saw was a huge unwrapped wedding gift being carried to the shop.

Note: I never ever wrap a huge gift before. I didn't even know how to wrap before I work here.

She picked a nice wrapper and gave it to me. I started to wrap. Only Allah knows how hard I tried. Luckily, neither of them watch me as they looked around the shop. Memento (the shops' name) is a small, cute enough gift shop. I'll write about this later, insyaAllah.

So I finished my wrapping, said sorry to her if it wasn't perfect and received the payment. I closed the shop, went out and checked the time. It was 15 minutes past 10.30p.m. The last bus had left. I was pretty scared as there's nobody home to pick me up and it was pitch black night. Suddenly I saw a taxi at the other side of the road and wave. Alhamdulillah, the driver saw me and made a u-turn to pick me up.

I asked him to stop at the shop lots near my house and thus walked back home.
The night ended.

After I packed all my things, there were nothing much at all, I locked the door and walked to the bus station. I met my neighbours halfway and I was pretty much delighted as my neigbours' daughter, recognised me. Fashihah Aimi is only 2 years old. She had seen me before with my niqab. She walked to me and I said "Kiss," and she let me kiss her cheeks. Aww, she's adorable.

I continued my journey to the bus stop, starting to realise that my bag is heavy with laptop and Chemistry text book. I sat at the corner and waited. When the bus arrived, it was already full. I stood at the bus for 15 minutes or so when an Indian man came to me, and pointed an empty seat besides him. There were many other people standing and stared. But as they look at me, they didn't make an attempt to sit on the empty seat so I made my way through.

Praises to Allah who help His servants all the time.

When the bus almost reach my destination, I gripped my bag tighter and prepared to press the bell. The man besides me asked whether I wanted to stop so I gave a nod. He pressed the bell for me and I left the bus when it stopped. I said thank you beforehand. I made my way to the other bus stop for another bus ride directly to CFS. When I was there, an African-American muslim asked me about a bus, but I guess she can't wait any longer as she left after a couple of bus to Puchong left the station. So I sit there and think, "why haven't I remember waiting a bus to CFS from here?"

Then I realised, that I was at the wrong bus station.

Subhanallah, I made my way back to the correct bus station and waited for not more than half an hour. I arrived at CFS with a smile and as I saw Mahallah Khadijah, a phrase came to my mind, "I really love CFS."

Making my way up to the stairs to my room, I saw my room mate and told her stories of my journey. I am a talkative person, to the right person to talk to. 15 minutes later, I went downstairs to buy food and headed to Block E for my Chemistry class.

The class started after almost an hour waiting.

I miss 190. Really. Deeply. Section 1 is definitely not 190. Rather, it is 359 degree way off than 190.


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