Saturday, September 15, 2012

InsyaAllah, banat Azhar.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

So I was sitting in the bus, on my way to Shah Alam.
A thought crossed my mind.

"Is this my last bus ride home?"

Then I realised that the answer is: "InsyaAllah, this is the last ride."
Because next week I'm not going back home insyaAllah.
Then the other week, I'll be leaving with all my stuffs.

Leaving CFS IIUM, The Garden Of Knowledge and Virtue.

Online Ticketing,

Before I left, I called Nur Aini.
Then I visited Fatin Husna.

My two musketeers.

I won't be so strong, if it wasn't for ALLAH, for He had gifted my with my friends.
190, ENGENIUS, 03.

Below are the subjects I will be studying for the next six years insyaAllah.
Kuliyyah will be starting insyaAllah on 7th October.
These are taken from: Jelajah Mesir.

Year 1:
Physiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Histology, Arabic Language dan Al-Qur’an (Juz 30)

Year 2:
Physiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Histology, Psychology, 
Arabic Language , Tafsir Al-Qur’an dan Al-Qur’an (Juz 29)

Year 3:
Pathology, Parasitology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Hadis, Sirah dan Al-Qur’an (Juz 28)

Year 4:
Opthamology, Community Medicine, Forensic & Toxicology, ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat), Aqidah, Fiqh dan Al-Qur’an (Juz 26)

Year 5:
Internal Medicine dan Pediatrics 

Year 6:
OnG (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) dan Surgery

So there will be G2G and MOU, which Fatin Husna said:
"One is taught will Arab 'Ammi and another is fully English though the lecturers are Arabs."
I told ami, and she said:
"You surely will enter the one in English right?"

I guess so. Ehem.

Below are my holidays and examinations:

Aidiladha 25-29/10/2012

Midyear Exam 29/12/2012

Winter break 19/1/2012-2/2/2013

Final Exam 18/5/2013

I was thinking of leaving CFS earlier than my expected date which is 28th September.
Because if I do so, I will only have two days to finish my packing and spend my time with my family.
I am hoping that my relatives will be sending me to the airport.
Because I don't exactly have the time of throwing a farewell party, something like that.

'Ala kulli hal,
my real intention of going to Egypt is to study Quran, Traditions (Hadith) and Fiqh.
So I'll be focusing insyaAllah to both my Medicine and Talaqqi.

May ALLAH grant me and everyone istiqamah fi kulli khair.

InsyaAllah, I'll be here often. Allahumma amin,
17 days to go.


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  1. Tahniah, semoga terus 'tsabat' dan istiqamah dalam kebaikan yang sedang saudari capai dan dalam cita-cita yang akan saudari gapai.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم