Friday, September 2, 2011

Super 11,

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Have you ever thought that there is somehow, someone who is exactly like you?
I've met people who fit as my conjugate,
who is totally different than me,
but exactly like me?
That's a no for almost 18 years I lived.

But, somehow, I think I've met this weird person in the awkward moment at unsuitable place and time.

And I'm not loving it.

So I want to prove that he/she (I will not say what the gender is) is not the only one who is exactly like me.
Let's make a survey then.

These are, officially, few hidden secrets of me.
I'm revealing most of it.
I am unbelievably tired of saying this and that about me.
So, anyone who read this, tick which one we have in common.
We are somewhat related if we have some common interest C:

Let's start:

1. I love Ice Lemon Tea since standard 6. Most of you know this but then, what is the reason? Truthfully, when I was standard 6, I was ultimately in love with a Taiwan boy band which is F4. At that time, they were doing commercials on Ice Lemon Tea and Pepsi. As I don't think I would like Pepsi, I chose Ice Lemon Tea. Since that, eventough F4 doesn't last as a group, my love for Ice Lemon Tea never faded. Give me my Ice Lemon Tea whenever I feel sad, mad or even neutral. I'll love it. Preferably, Justea.

Another reason why I liked it for so long is that, my father marry his second wife that year. And I was devastated but I didn't show. I thought, nothing can last forever. Not even love. So I try to like something and keep it. This year, it is officially the 7th year of my anniversary with my Ice Lemon Tea.

2. I love country music and nasyeed. Guitars are meant to be for country musics. I like the electric ones but the one at my home is a classic one. Classic. Nasyeed is the best genre ever invented. When my father bought the keyboard, I fell in love with it but seriously, piano is better. However, this doesn't mean I don't like R&B, Jazz and others. But I despise Heavy Metal.

3. I hate speed. I hate as in hate. But is is more to afraid though. Yes, I do know I love to run around and I am fast, ehem. The reason I prefer to run fast and drive fast eventhough I hate hate hate speed? Because I want to get it over with. When I start to run, I always think, I hate this, and I want to end it nowwww. So I run fast. When I drive, I kept thinking, I'm going to have a accident, so I drive fast. I know somewhat it doesn't make sense, but it's okay.

4. I like to write sentences using my name. Or Muhammad. Because? It's easy. Don't have to think of another when you have your own name.

5. I hate Maths. There is no reasons. I hate the fact that I am searching the value of x or f(x) when I do not know what the reason is. I know Maths is logic, but for a FACT, you don't use Additional Algebra in your life everyday. Yes, we do use simple Maths. Simple Maths.

6. I want to be an automotive engineer. My uncles are mechanics... So I kind of live in a world where cars, are, important.

7. I support Manchester United since I was 15. It is kind of late to support a team but then, glory glory Man U C: I bought everything you can think of about Man U. Just because of, Edwin Van der Sar. He's the man. I adore him because, well, if you ever have the chance of being a keeper, then you'll know how hard your heart is pounding when the ball gets near to you.

8. I like to put same name for everything and that is superkira. My laptop, phone, thumbdrive are all superkira. Eventhough my email is, which is, well, not superkira, there's a reason behind that email. Want to know why? Ask me personally.

9. I am afraid of blood. I am afraid of the idea of being hurt, physically. Seriously. I can mention blood my own but don't you dare to mention about it in front of me. SERIOUSLY. If I said that I don't like it, I don't.

10. I am okay with heights but I don't like it that much.

11. I am scared of ants. For serious. Don't don't and don't show me ants. Especially the big ones. Don't.

Ok, I am tired. It is now 2 a.m in the morning. I'll continue later on.

Wallahua'lam. Barakallah 'alaikum C:

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