Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Super 11 part 2,

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Ok, I'll say this once and for all.

I don't like,
to be compared.
I don't.

It is fine to say people have common interests in life.
But people have differences also.

Mind you, I am more than what you see.

1. I HATE illogical things. I said, and I quote, "tak logik." I know for a fact that I hate Maths, but still, Maths is a different thing. I definitely hate, as in hate HATE, illogical things.

2. I can't understand simple phrases. I don't want to. It's like, if you are saying something but you are not exactly directing to the point, the percentage of me not understanding whatever you said is 99.9%. I am just not good in that. Please, be direct.

3. I love to do little, unimportant things. Such as, when I walk in tiles, I'll step exactly on the perfect square of the tiles. I don't recklessly step on anything. At the zebra crossing, I'll jump from a yellow line to the next. I know, I am weird.

4. I prefer to be constant. I don't like changes. Not hate, but dislike.

5. I hate veggies. DON'T SERVE ME ANY VEGGIES.
Yet, I am trying to eat some of it now. But I won't if I have a choice.

6. I dislike chocolates. Yup, I bake cookies and cakes and everything. But that doesn't mean I have to eat chocolate, does it? No, I don't like chocolate bars. Yes, I like Choki Choki. No, I don't like puddings, sweets and something like that. No.

7. I like purple. I love purple. But I won't prefer to wear purple.

8. I like peace, calm, and complete silence. There's a reason I always be alone, walk alone, spend my time alone. I want to be alone. I don't like accompany. I don't like people who make noises without a reason -- a logic reason. I like to hum, yes, but only if I am extremely happy or bored.

9. I like to have a pen, every time, everywhere, anywhere. Most of the time, I hang my pens, or I just put it somewhere, available. This is because, once upon a time, I write on everything. I know, it is not a good thing. It means that there is something wrong with your brain functionality. But, from time to time, that habit is gone. I only moves moves my finger whenever necessary.

10. I love Japanese food. Ok, this one doesn't need any explanation. Mum and dad studied at Japan. So, that's it.

11. I like to debate. I like to talk. I like to argue. Within me, there is a part, which will make me remain silent at all time. And there is also a part, which will make me talk at all time.

Done. Still think we are the same?
I hope not.

Allah made us different from each other, distinctive, for a reason.
That is, to be ourselves.

We are not one in a million, but we are one of a kind.

Barakallah 'alaik.

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