Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Cinderella shoes II,

Assalamualaikum warahmatuLLAHi wabarakatuh.

Yet another Cinderella story,

So she walked as usual during her night time,
living her night life.

Who was she in the day light?
People know but had they noticed?
She does not know and yes, she does not care.

But her life during the night was the best that she could offer to herself.
Wearing her usual Cinderella shoes,
she walked and walked.

Suddenly her footsteps stopped.
She felt weird but not the kind that felt in her heart.
She looked down at her feet,
and realized that her shoes had a hole on it.

Her Cinderella shoes,
used to shine and accompany wherever she went through.
Had had a hole on it.

She was thinking of buying a new one.
A new pair of shoes.

But she reminded herself that she had a spare at home.
Another pair of shoes.

This one is black,
another one is maroon.

She reminded herself,
of a story she was told.

About two siblings who shared the same shoes.
Both are running around, changing and went to school.

Therefore she decided,
no, it is not necessary to buy something new.
Someone else deserves something more, and she knew.

She continued her walk,
towards some place that keeps her heart.
She continued her walk,
and insyaALLAH she will never stop.

With a perfect shoes or not,
anything is perfect with HIM as her GOD.


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  1. Amirah, both Cinderella stories made me cry. I miss you. I miss Kyra. I miss you.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم