Friday, November 9, 2012

The dinar spent.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I still remember that moment.
The moment when I was still safe and sound, attending Ta'lim an-Nur by my first Syeikh.

And I also, still remember that moment biiznillah.
The moment when I started to search for more.
I never wonder, the reason why. But it had started, therefore I continue. InsyaALLAH.

My second Syeikh, ya'ni Syeikh Muhammad Fuad al-Maliki taught me a lot about being the slave of ALLAH. He did pushed my mind to accept things - just like that. To hold in my hand, and heart a part of one verse in the Quran:

"But, truly, the Command is with ALLAH in all things!" 13:31

Why, exactly?

Truth to be told, it involves something worldly but you may take benefits from it for the Akhirat. That is, money.

To run around and about here, sometimes there - even in Selangor only - demands a certain amount of money. Not to mention the price of the books. And for tolabul 'ilm especially, many books must be owned. And read. And re-read.

ALLAH prepared me for this by the words of Syeikhuna. He said that, whatever we spent for the sake of ALLAH, HE will be the one who in charge of how the money will eventually get to us. We will have the money, if we needed it. It is not our responsibility to think about it.

Because, we are fisabilillah insyaALLAH.
Because,  HE is the only one who gives sustenance.

Rabi'atul Adawiyyah also had mentioned about this. She said, if ALLAH gives enough necessities for those who doesn't remember HIM, why HE would forget those who remember HIM?

HE doesn't give what we want. HE gives what we need.

Here in Cairo, I never, ever plan to further my studying in the field of Tasawwuf.
However, biiznillah, I met Syeikh Yusuf Hasani.
He said, if you did not make an account of whatever is it that you are spending (especially food), why must you make an account of the total that you spent for the sake of ALLAH?

Yes, huge slap on me.

Ustaz Muhadir as-Sanariy once told me a story of one person who never counts his money when he gives it away lillah. Yet, he still have money.

Writing this, it is more to remind myself rather than anyone else.
Medicine is not inexpensive. May ALLAH gives me and you the calmness of heart.

Allahumma amin.

To complain to anyone other than Allah is to debase oneself.

Fatahallahu 'alaik.

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