Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Do not wear niqab; IF...

Assalamualaikum warahmatuLLAHi wabarakatuh.

A change for a better good.
How should it be? To what extent?

What does it mean, really, to wear niqab and such?


Nothing if you think it that way.

There is merely no difference, a Muslim wearing niqab or not.
The person herself might feel like a ghuraba' (stranger), but it is deep inside.
You just can't live in this world, with the people, if you act like one.

You know,
being different is good but sometimes it is not unique.
It is not wrong either, as you can't find two persons exactly the same!

Just, don't make niqab as a HUGE wall between you and others.

We was told by our Syeikh, if our niqab made us so shy and such, it is better to not wear it.
Hold on, don't have a wrong thought about my Syeikh!

He meant that; if the niqab made us shy to ask question -- what's the point?
If the niqab kept our mind busy with other things except from ALLAH -- what's the point?

Lowering our gaze, is NOT because of the niqab. No no.
Sometimes it is far more easy to lower our gaze when we are not wearing niqab simply because there's no one looking.

True, isn't it? It is bitter, but true. For some at least.

When you are not wearing niqab, walking besides your friend, you blend.
But when you wear it, oh dear, people are watching.
You feel suffocated.
Dear sister, I love you, but where is your heart exactly at that point?

Truth to be told, I was one of those.
Walking all the way through with my friends while I am the only niqabi.
I used to -- not lying -- kept my mind busy with not looking at others.
And now, after multiple bullets on my head by Syeikhuna,

I know I had done wrong.

With niqab or not, what I should think is ALLAH, wa bas.

I truly respect those who wear niqab.
And I respect also who didn't wear it for some reasons.
We are not living in the time where niqab is oh-so-acceptable.

We will one day, insyaALLAH.

I know your intention is pure, to keep your imaan in a steady state.
Been there, done that.

Just, keep it cool, will you?
You are not the only person around, and I know this sound sarcastic by the way.
Slap your nafs, will you.
Because even if wearing niqab because of your nafs, I close my case.
There's nothing else to say.

Wearing a niqab doesn't give you a huge green light to post your pictures online,
but it is not wrong either!
It is fine by my opinion to post some, but not all. No no.

DON'T, please don't, suffer yourself because of niqab.
It is suppose to guard yourself, not to make you feel like in a prison.

OPEN your mind and heart.
Islam is easy. Don't make it hard for you and others.


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