Saturday, January 12, 2013

Yes, imtihan is tomorrow!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Snips and snaps of here and there of my life.
Good things are from HIM wa haza min fadliLLAH.
Bad things are from my own imperfection and flaws. At least, no one is perfect.
Except our beloved Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h.
May ALLAH redha.

Time sure does fly.
I still remember the first moment I stepped in to the Azhar mosque.
How I had ran back and forth from Hayyu Sabi' to the mosque.
How I had istikharah and musyawarah to finally... be the medical student of Azhar Faculty of Girls during the day, and ahbab of Darul Hasani Kaherah at night.

My my, I would never imagine. But ALLAH have HIS own plan for me.
And HIS plan is the best plan -- ever.

I had been busy, my posts are less than usual as one might notice.
I had a few problems, but alhamdulillah, at least things are getting better right now.

No more marriage thingy, insyaALLAH. I came here for two reasons and that's it.
Talaqqi and medic. Kholas.

What does it like to be both medicine and student of talaqqi?

I am raising this question, just because, to make it clear for all of other human beings in this world that - studying doesn't mean that you have to focus in one field.

And as for Muslims specially, you have to gain Islamic knowledge to know your religion also.
I don't think that this apply to Muslims only. A good believer is a good believer.
But to believe in one and the only God, for me personally is LAILAHAILLALLAH.

There is no God, except for ALLAH.

I started talaqqi during my teens, 18 years old to be specific and now I am reaching my big twen-ty with no "teen" anymore, I don't regret whatever happened.

To jump in this field - alone - was like... failed suicidal mission.
But along the way of recovery, it was like... honeymoon forever ;D

I thought, if it is easy to be a doctor, then everyone will be a doctor.
Therefore, if it is easy to love and know ALLAH, then everyone will be 'alim or fiqih.

I understand now why had ALLAH sent me to SAMTTAR.
To learn to be loved and return the love.
To learn that people make mistakes.
To learn that we learn from our mistakes.

I understand now why had ALLAH sent me to SMKAM 2.
To know that not all the moments in life are colourful.
To know that people are eager to learn about religion.
To know that darkness, can be erase.

I understand now why had ALLAH sent me to CFS.
To meet my first Syeikh, Syeikhuna Muhadir bin Hj Joll.
To start my own travel log.
To take the first step on being what I am today.

I understand now why ALLAH made me work at and travel to various places.
To reach HIS 'ibaad.
To build relationship among Muslims and non-Muslims.
To ponder and study HIS creations.


If it is not for HIM, I wouldn't have the courage to do anything.
As my Syeikhuna Yusuf Bakhour said; "You can't even move feet without HIM."

I wish, I hope, that whatever I learn from days and nights, are beneficial for the ummah one day.
I wish, I hope, that ALLAh will consider my effort, as HE is All-Knowing and All-Seeing.

HE, who listens to prayers.
HE, who sees me and protect every step I made and will make.

Because I know, I was created from love, with love.

Imtihan for Physiology is tomorrow, insyaALLAH.
Do pray for us Azharians, syukran awi~ ^^


Book sharing: Fifty of the councels of the Prophet p.b.u.h to the women by Syeikh Ahmad Jad and translated by Rafique Abdur Rahman. 30LE ;D
(InsyaALLAH will write a review. Ameen.)

Blog sharing: He was the Head Prefect, he was one of Malaysia Best Students and he is my friend! Ahmad Soliheen:

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