Friday, July 12, 2013

A letter,

Assalamualaikum warahmatuLLAHi wabarakatuh.

Something, not by me, to ponder upon:

"As for what follows, I am writing a letter to you in which I do not hold back right guidance and I do not omit counsel. It contains the praise of ALLAH Almighty and the adab of HIS Messenger s.a.w.

So consider that with your intellect, turn your eyes to it, and devote your hearing to it. Understand it with you intellect and apply your understanding. Do not allow your mind to let it slip away.

It contains excellence in this world and the good reward of ALLAH Almighty in the Next.

Remind yourself of the throes of death and its grief, and what will happen to you when it comes, and what you know follows after death: being presented before ALLAH Almighty, and then the Reckoning, and then remaining forever either in the Garden of the Fire. Prepare for it something to make the terrors of those sights and their distress easy for you.

If you were to see the people who incur wrath of ALLAH Almighty and the myriad punishments they are heading to and the severity of the vengeance of ALLAH,

and if you were to hear their moaning in the Fire and their groaning with their livid faces and the length of their grief and their being turned over in their faces in its bottom levels where they cannot hear or see while calling out for utter and final destruction --

and the most terrible thing of all for them is the pain when ALLAH Almighty turns away from them

and their hope is cut off from HIM and HIS answer to them after the long drawn-out sorrow is
'Slink down in it and do not speak.'

If you remind yourself of this, nothing of this world will seem of any importance to you. You will want to be saved from that. You have no security from its terror. Even if you were to offer all that the people of this world have to seek deliverance, that would be little.

If you were to see the people who obey ALLAH and what they are destined to receive by way of honour from ALLAH, their position of nearness to ALLAH Almighty, the freshness of their faces and the light of their colours, their joy in looking at HIM, and having a place with HIM and their rank in HIS sight along with nearness to HIM,

those thing of this world which you seek and which appear immense in your eyes would then seem insignificant.

Be careful not to allow your lower self to beguile you.

Deal with your lower self before it gets better of you and remember the distress it will feel when death alights.

Contend with your soul for ALLAH Almighty while you still have time.

If ALLAH permits, you will be able to bring benefit to yourself and avert the punishment from yourself before ALLAH takes charge of your Reckoning. Once it comes you will not be able to avert from your soul that which it will hate nor bring any benefit to it.

Give ALLAH Almighty a portion of your time by night and day."


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