Saturday, August 4, 2012

Things da'ie should not do;

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Writing based on experience, I know there will be flaws, so comments and suggestions are open for everyone.

Being in IIUM, I detected few "species" of students.
And that just for the Foundation Centre.

This time I do not want to babble around, so I will be focusing on one target.
The group of students who wanted to spread around words of Islam.

Khair, obviously it is a good thing to have you around, but I realised that the same pattern keeps going on and on. And it is not good, at least for me.

Because, they are people who are identically same with me; in terms of behaviour and how we think. Simple words? Well,  let just say that I was in this term:

"I will not change unless I wanted to."

Yes, simple ego.

But then, for us to break our ego, is for you guys to lower yours.
For serious, and I meant to write this in capital, but I don't like capital words.
I had changed myself for a better good because those around me doesn't force me so.
There's no one coming to me saying this and that.

Simply because I wore long hijab and niqab doesn't mean that I don't need people to remind me how I was drowning in this world.

On the other hand, the students who did not wear as what I wear always get the attention and "the look" of some da'ie as the-one-to-be-targeted.

Eventhough at one side, it is somewhat true, but the one who needed the reminders, tazkirah, tazkiyah the most are those who you forget. The one like you.

Are you with me?

Well, you see, I'll make this simple.

Situation one.
You are trying to make a sister to cover her aurah properly, and to delete her pictures on the web which does not cover her aurah. BUT, you are forgetting those who wear long hijab and somewhat posted their pictures on the web and still doesn't manage to cover their aurah properly.

The hand, my dear sisters. That's why people invented hand sock. And somehow, you hands still can be seen, so please, don't post your picture online.

So the number one rule for da'ie;
1. You should not remind those who you didn't know, if you don't at least try to remind your own friends first.

I am not saying that you can't 100% remind others, but if your 100% belongs to them, what percentage does your friends have?

Situation two.
You feel weird when others look at you in certain way that you don't like.

Because, my dear da'ie, you look at people in the way they didn't like.

I had been experienced this multiple times, and I know the differences.
Believe me.

Even in wearing niqab, I have to choose. Whether I wear this one or the other.
It was when I consulted with my roommate that she told me how people look at me.

With that, the second rule is:
2. You should smile, always.

It is a sunnah, by the way. Smile. Please.
Spread salam, it is a sunnah also. Please?

Situation three.
People doesn't listen to you.

Problems are;
First, you talked too much.
Second, they were busy thinking, not listening.
Third, you chose the wrong moment to talk.

I just could not compress the problems within a rule.

I am asking you, my dear da'ie,
that the world does not revolve around you.

That you really have to know something before talking about it.

That dakwah is not just by mouth and a lot of talking.

Don't, delete you friends at facebook just because they posted something useless.
It is not because you didn't need them, it is because they need to read what you post.

Don't, make things hard.
Make it as simple as you can.

Don't, focus on everything.
Focus on something and go with it.

Don't, lower yourself, only your ego.

As I mentioned before, I was the type who wouldn't change just because a person told me so.
So you have to manipulate me.
I was manipulated by only a single invitation for my first talaqqi.
That person doesn't even know what I am doing right now.

You just can't expect you'll see the changes in front of you.
It might take time, but at least you tried.

Try in a better, thoughtful way.

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