Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mission Possible: Fund For Egypt.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

This post, is regarding my journey to Egypt.

It is hard, khair. But there are reasons.

I am sorry, for I have kept it as a secret for a long time. Yes, I know that some of you had known, but many, doesn't. Specially those from my own neighbourhood, those from my previous schools.

The first to know was my roommate, then 190 sisters, then my ENGENIUS family and thus my the remainder of 190 and 194.

So there was none except one from Alam Megah who knows, except for the teachers I met when I came to school regarding the certificates and so on.

The main reason I took my time to tell each and every one of you is the same reason why I haven't been in CFS almost every weekends for the whole semester.

I was occupied by the paper-works that must be done. I was doing it alhamdulillah with a friend who understand, and the thing was, it was all on me.

The first year fee, the airplane ticket, the rent for the house and everything you could imagine of, RM 27 720 in total. That will be the amount I have to collect. I tried every way, I went every places. I was at the point of leaving CFS and just work.

And still, some of the things that kept me here hold strong reasons.

Talaqqi, ENGENIUS, 190.

I wasn't that strong to leave everything and work to gather the money. So I stayed, and do the work on weekends. I had visited the post office this semester only not less than four times if I'm not mistaken.

Not be able to eat, and losing weight was a normal thing for me this particular semester. Crying, stop crying and get back on my feet every time. Classes, ENGENIUS and other miscellaneous things get along my journey.

Until the point I can't smile and say I'm okay.

But after every hardship there is a reward, there is an easiness [94: 5-6]

Allah had gave shown me simple, simple things and He made me happy. Such as still being able to go for talaqqi every Sunday and hear Habib' voice. Such as being just steps away from Habib Ali Al-Jufri eventhough at that time I was relatively sad because we were leaving and suddenly he's in front of me. Such as being able to see Habib Umar Ben Hafidz and met various people who were willing to help me. I was having such a journey throughout this semester. My blood and tears were worth it, though I still doesn't own the money.

Therefore from now on and until the day I have to pay all of it, I am doing my own business of selling cookies and bakery goods. All of the profit will insyaAllah be my fund to Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.

I really wish, for those who know me, or doesn't know, will support everything I do. Only Allah could give back for all the doa and helping hands.

For this current moment, I am offering two type of cookies.

Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies.
44 pieces for RM17.

Chocolate Chip Cookies.
48 pieces for RM17.

Anyone who wanted to order, yes, you may contact me trough my email My facebook account Umairah Hawani.

Delivery to all over Malaysia except Sabah, Sarawak and W.P Labuan.

These are the photos while I was baking. These are for my ustaz Najib who stayed with me during this semester hearing all the surah' I memorized.

Writing from ZC105C, waiting for last tasmi' class tomorrow,
Umairah Hawani.


  1. Janganlah kamu katakan Wadaa-an(selamat tinggal),
    Bahkan sebutlah "hingga kita bertemu lagi"
    Seandainya tidak di bumi Tuhan,
    Mudah-mudahan di syurga-Nya nanti....

  2. teruskan usaha...insyaallah kita boleh pergi sama2...

  3. salam umairah.. kenalkan,,saya fateahah,i would like to order 2 set of both type of cookies. please contact me.. 013 3843545, kalau before cuti ni boleh?

    1. Salam.

      InsyaAllah boleh :)

      Maaf, phone ana silent. Jadi tak perasan mesej dan call ><

  4. salam dear,postage brp?akak nk satu,cam sdp je :)
    hp 0123684673 kak zura


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم