Saturday, March 16, 2013

Just because.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Just because; I haven't write in English for quite a while.

Just because; I am taking a break from my Histology.
Just because; I love you. And yes, I do.

When I was 17, there was a talk at my school.
Truth to be told; days before the talk will be held, I made an announcement that I won't attend it.
I have my reasons.

But; the teachers made it a secret and gathered us in the hall, then closed the door.
No one was allowed to go out.
Suddenly, a man came in.

He sat few steps in front of me, as I was in the first row; and looked at me.
He said; "Your sustenance (rizq) will be increase in the future."

My friends looked at me; dumb-founded. As I was.

The talk began and suddenly; he looked at me once more.
He said; "I love you."

He was a psychologist.

And he was giving a talk about love.
He made me as an experiment.

But at the end, I found that most of what he said was true.
People fall in love to easy, and too often.

Stop right there.
Let's give a chance to talk about life.

So, how was yours?


I re-read again those posts from my years back then.

When I was teen, now that I am 20. AlhamduLILLAH 'ala kulli ni'mah.

Every people have their own turning point; and if you know who I was,

you'll know that I don't suddenly jump-into-what-I-am-doing-right-now.

I was one of those who don't have any idea at all what is talaqqi.

I was one of those who live as I think I should live.
I had my dreams, I had my life.

Yesterday; I was appointed to be master-of-ceremony i.e MC of the first event for First Year Medical Students of Kuliyyah Tibb Banat, al-Azhar.

I told them a story I repeated too often for my friends;

"One day, a man bought a watermelon and brought it home.

He gave it to his wife and she cut it into halves.
She found out that the watermelon was in bad condition. So she criticized.

Her husband heard this; and said:

Who are you blaming?
If you blame the farmer, you shouldn't.
Because he must had wanted his corps to be good for those who will take it from him.

Who are you blaming?
If you blame the seller, you shouldn't.
Because he must had wanted his goods to be excellent for those who will buy it from him.

Who are you blaming?
If you blame me, then you shouldn't.
Because I had wanted to give you the best. For you.

Who are you blaming?
The watermelon itself?
It can't do anything.

Then, who are you blaming?
The CREATOR who create the watermelon and made it in this condition?"

The first person who I told this story was a person who could read my reactions though I am wearing a niqab.

For months now, we have not contacted each other, since I arrived here in Cairo.

People come and go.

What's left for us to stay?

Sometimes, we are running to be the best.
And accidentally forget the rest.

Sometimes, we want to be one in a million.
And accidentally forget that the other million also want to be the same.

Sometimes, I, just want to take a rest and do nothing.
Sleep and dream.
Alone in silent.

Currently, as Umayr, I am studying mildly-but-quite-hard for my final examinations.
As funny as it is, I am almost finishing my first year of Medicine.
I am moving on to different stages in my goals here.
Both in tibb and talaqqi.
Not to mention personal life.

It is empty. Right?

Ah, I forgot.
No one knows.

What is happening?

احلم معايا .. ببكرة جى
Dream with me, tomorrow’s coming

و لو مجاش .. احنا نجيبه بنفسنا
And even if it doesn’t come, we will bring it ourselves.

نبدأ نحاول ... في الطريق
Let us strive upon this path,
all our steps will lead us to our dream.

كتر الخطاوي تدلنا على حلمنا
No matter how many times we fall

مهما نقع نقدر نقوم
We can always get up

نشق نتحدى الغيوم
We can break through the darkness

نلاقي ليلنا ألف يوم
We can turn our night into a thousand days.

بس احنا نحلم
But let’s just dream.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم