Thursday, April 26, 2012

Travel log 12.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

It had been a long time, writing about my travels.

I won't deny I had indeed travelled a lot during the period I hadn't write anything; stories, travel log or even thoughts.

So I basically am stumbling here, not knowing where to start.

Of course, I think talaqqi is the best way to start here.

This particular semester is very weird, indeed, because I hadn't received messages regarding talaqqi here at CFS with Syeikhuna, Ustaz Muhadir. Suddenly, like just now, I just knew, and I was at a class. So I came late.

It was long enough, not be able to see Ustaz Muhadir. Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful for today.

I don't know why, lately, my travels had been involving walking a lot under the sun. Not that I don't walk that much, but it was a longer path than usual. I got lost frequently, if I travel to somewhere I had never been. I will stop, close my eyes, and wait.

Then when I open my eyes, insyaAllah, I'll find the way.

Last Sunday, I was travelling from Shah Alam to Banting. Yes, the journey by car is not that hard nor far. But, if you are planning to use public transportation, it is kind of... difficult.

The reason behind my travel; Habib Umar al-Hafiz. The talaqqi at Madrasah an-Nur moved for one day to Masjid Nurul Iman, Kg Batu 10, Telok Panglima Garang, Banting, Kuala Langat. I was just given the chance by Allah, Alhamdulillah, to attend a program at IIUM Mosque, Gombak with the presence of Habib Ali A-Jufri on 7th April. The talk was entitled: “The Globalization Challenges for Knowledge Seekers.”

While on the 1st April, Madrasah an-Nur was visited by Habib Umar bin Hamid al-Jailani.

Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Lailahaillallah, Allahuakbar.

That morning, ami dropped me at Kompleks PKNS to take my passport, then ami sent me to the bus stop. I was waiting for the bus when I saw the bus in front of me, but it didn't stop. It went, just like that. I was about to cry.

I don't know why, those days was a struggle for me.
I was at the lowest point, but like I said before, I kept walking and climbing.
Eventhough at the time of my travel, I was very, weird. It was like riding a roller coaster, I was having my up and down moment one after another merely in seconds.

My intention at that time was, to gain back everything. My faith.
I took another bus to Shah Alam KTM Station and bought the ticket to Klang. I walked from the station to the bus stop and boarded. At that time, I realised I didn't know where to stop. When I arrived at TPG, I was having an instinct to stop by the police station, but I didn't. I stopped at the shops, asking a worker at the 7/11 shop where is the nearest mosque. They told me the direction. I walked, and found a school. They instructed me to the same direction. I walked again.

And I was about to cry again.

It was because of the heat, it was because of me, it was because I was so... down.

I was thinking; “If the companions of the Prophet s.a.w and himself had travel a long way from Macca to Madina, why I couldn't I walk just a short distance?”

I kept repeating to myself, “Mujahadah.”

Then I realise my phone battery was low.
And I was running out of time.

I boarded another bus and went straight to Banting. Yes, I know it was far enough from TPG but that is the easiest place to catch a cab.

I was thinking; “If I can't force myself to sacrifice my energy, then I sacrifice my money.”

It came out that the taxi driver and I got lost. At Kg Batu 10 I still walked around asking people and finally, I saw what I need to see. It was the mosque.

I walked, and entered. And, Subhanallah, Habib Umar al-Hafiz was sitting at the front and I got to sit straight in front of him at the muslimah' side. I saw Habib Ali, Habib Najmuddin.

I stayed there, until it was over.

I sat at the corner of the mosque, waiting for everybody to leave. I met sis Fatimah and she greeted me with a smile as always. Eventhough she's also wearing a niqab, I knew, she was smiling C:

Then I wonder alone when I saw someone from the back who was familiar to me. And I realised that it was Madam Haza and her adorable daughters. I was excited, because there were a whole bunch of people and, well, I knew persons among them :D

Madam Haza offered me a ride to the bus station and I agreed. It was nice of her, her zauj and her daughters overall. She dropped me by in front of Jusco Bukit Tinggi and alhamdulillah, the bus arrived exactly at that time so I quickly boarded and made a stop near the KTM station before walking there.

I went to the Sentral by KTM and to University Station by LRT. Few minutes later there was a bus and I boarded and safely arrived at CFS. Alhamdulillah.

During the night I had a session with my mentees and the day was over.

That was that. My travel as usual always been different. I had missed one kuliyyah with Syeikh Fahmi Zamzam an-Nadwi al-Maliki, and it sadden me.

My journey to somewhere, to that place, is... kind of slow. InsyaAllah, I'll make it there. InsyaAllah.


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