Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lighten the soul.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Selawat Habib Ahmad Mahsyu Thoha alHaddad

I just don't care what people said,
I don't want to hear any more complaints.

Arabs are Arabs.

For three months being here in Cairo, I have less than few minor disturbance.
Other than that, I was relatively amazed of the akhlaq of Arabs around me.

Simple example, earlier this morning I went to Suq Tsamin along with one of my ahli bait.
To cut it short, we went to BKAN Terengganu first before the suq.
When I was in the bus, I just realized that, I lost my 200LE.

It is equal to RM100.

I was stunned.

I know it was my fault as I put it recklessly in my pocket.
It can easily slipped out when I pull my purse out of it.

I was... really stunned.

For a few seconds I was thinking of million ways to save money to pay back, as the 200LE was for households items. Suddenly, someone poked me.

And the conductor stood besides me.
Almost everyone in the bus stared.

The women, a Nigerian if I'm not mistaken, handed me 200LE.

I was... too grateful to say anything less than ALHAMDULILLAH and Syukran jiddan a thousand times if I could.

She, or anyone in the bus could simply took it.
But she, and everyone chose to let it be and gave it back to me.

I was really grateful to ALLAH.
Because whatever had people did to make me stop walking alone at nights to go to talaqqi,
whatever people had said to me regarding my own safety,
HE always be there for me.

HE always sent me the best of his creations around me.
And I know that I love HIM dearly, and try to be a better Muslim.
Not for me, not for people around me, but just simply for HIM.

For HE had created me with love, I am walking back to HIM with love also.


p.s: Quotes of the days;

By Ustazah Halimah Alaydrus:

ALLAH SWT tidak pernah mengecewakanmu, kamu sebenarnya selama ini dikecewakan oleh harapan, keinginan dan angan-anganmu sendiri. 
Jika jauh dari kekasih adalah sebuah penderitaan bagaimana dengan jauh dari pencipta kekasih? Sungguh. Ia sejatinya adalah sumber derita.  
Kepadamu yang sedang gundah, jangan kau ucap "Ya ALLAH, deritaku begitu besar." Tapi ucapkanlah "Wahai derita, bersamaku ada ALLAH yang Maha Besar." 

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