Sunday, August 29, 2010

A song long ago,


I hadn't post for a while. Not that this blog have readers, anyways. But memories are meant to be kept. So, I hope I can treasure my memories as most as possible.

A few times in my life, I said to myself,

"I won't forget this moment."

Then, within a certain amount of time, I forgot.

Nothing can change though. Not even me and my liking of Ice Lemon Tea.

I've read a few blogs now. Some were good, most were not. People posted everything they could think and like of. Songs, pictures, stories, etc. Nice. I thought that I could also do the same thing. But what should I post? For me, this is not like sharing an Youtube video on Facebook. This is far more important than that. I am going to post the first song in my blog.

What song would I choose?

I think, rethink, and rethink again.

And I've decided.

This song I've liked for many years. Sometimes I do forgot the title, and I don't listen much of it. But this broken-hearted-theme song had stayed in my heart long before I broke my own. A proof that I shall listen more to those with experiences.

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