Saturday, April 10, 2010



I just realize I never introduce myself huh? (laugh)
Ok, here are common things that I suppose, even my worst enemy know:

My name is Amirah Hazwani.
Commoners call me Amirah.
Family members call me Kira.
Really old friends call me Goggles.
Teachers call me Hazwani.

I was born on 21st October 1993.
I live in Shah Alam, Malaysia for 17 years now.

I move to SMKAM2 since I was Form 3.
You do not know how much I love my school.

My 4-years-dream is to be a teacher and open my own private-all-Muslim-high school.
And it will be established as: QAISER HIGH.

I love Japanese food, influenced by my parents whom studied at Japan.
I am workaholic, tachophobia.
Few things that I like are:
Purple lavender, simulation games, classic English novels.

I hate chocolate except for mint chocolate ice cream.
I hate when people asks about me behind my back.
Few things that I hate are:
Ants, rat, late, blood, heights, scary movie.

Please take note that I am super childish.
And I do have that kind of voice that mirror can break into pieces, seriously.
I may be mature at certain time though.
So if I am angry nor sad,
Please stay away.
I'll be fine in just a few silent moments.

Thank you.

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