Saturday, May 10, 2014

It all happened as HE wanted it to be.

Assalamualaikum warahmatuLLAHi wabarakatuh.

It's been a while.
Isn't it?

Last post was on November and poof, here I am.
May 2014.

20 years old, reaching that 21 this October insyaALLAH.

Bits from here and there.
So alhamduLILLAH I had finished the semester and currently in my study week just before the final examination.
Egypt is as always, as you can read it on the news or happen to experience it by yourself.

Truth to be told,
I was scrolling around the previous posts.

It was like a memory lane, it is, indeed.
Ups and downs. There are things that I don't even want to remember. I don't wish it doesn't happen but something so devastating just need to... disappear?

Well, anyway...

Those are the things that made what I am today, isn't it?
No, I can't agree more.

At the beginning of the academic year, it happened that I was destined to this beautiful house of Rumah Kenyalang, the residency for Sarawakians.
I got a call one night, asking me to accompany one of the girls that stayed there.

I said okay, without even having a syura with my current housemates just because... Because I know it had to be done.

I made an agreement to pay for my part of the house rent until they manage to find another.
I moved.
And it was closer to talaqqi.

Therefore, I officially live with Nining and Yuyu.
I had this privilege of running from the house to Bawabah Thani.
Huge privilege of joining the Family Day at the rooftop.
And others, obviously. Those little things that made your life a litttttle bit brighter.

Just thinking of it made my eyes full of tears. Ha-ha.


Just because...

It was destined that I have to move, again.

My Syeikh wanted to move the class to another place.
That... another place, needs a "guardian".

You might want to imagine how reaction when the place was almost ready and Syeikh was standing there in front of me... asking... "When do you want to move in?"

I knew I didn't have any choice.
I knew ALLAH wants me to crush my ego and be a khuddam.

Officially (again), I live at the place where I learn.

It wasn't unhappy at all.
I was glad and it's a gift.

A gift that I get, no one else did.
To "break" your bones and serve.

Not everyone understand this matter.
Some might try to comprehend.

I myself still trying to grasp the idea.

HE got the best plans.
What I've been through.
What I am going through...

I'll say I'll just let it be.
Que sera sera.


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