Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lower 6.


So, I went to Form 6.
Orientation started.
And it will last for a week.
And I can't quit, I am the group leader.


1. I have to skip my Arab-communication class this Thursday -- again.
2. Responsibility. Not that I am against it, but this one particular person deserve it better than me.
3. Tiring.
4. Boring yet I really do appreciate my seniors hard work. I know we are hard to handle. 

I want to stay.

1. Curiosity. I want to compare this orientation to my CFS orientation.
2. Practice. Sleep late at night, waking up early etc, etc.
3. I can spend my last time here with my friends.

I'll be registering for Foundation of Engineering and Computer Science at IIUM.
Second choice out of eight.

Three weeks more.
This week is gone for Arab classes and Form 6 orientation.
Next week gone for Arab classes, Form 6 classes and English comprehension classes.
Another will be for Quran and Fardhu Ain plus the rest.

Oh God I am really tired right now that I can't even type properly.
Luckily, there's red line underneath the wrong spelling.
Thank you red line.

That's it for now,
until next time,
barakAllah a'laikum. 

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