Sunday, July 29, 2012

The family I had been given,

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Allah s.w.t chose, and I accepted.
The family I had been given, for the last 19 years of my life.
It was awkwardly sweet, to finally try.
Try to bond.

Less than a month before, my family was invited to a birthday party of two of my cousins.
The relatives from my fathers' side.

So I was wearing my normal dark-coloured outfit and I wondered.
Then I changed, to what I hadn't wear for quiet a while.
A long black blouse, dark-chocolate slack and hijab.
It is still dark-coloured, yes I know. But then, I don't really have anything brighter.
Yes, perhaps some, but not dominant.

I went to the pool-side birthday party.
It was the time I decided; that things have to change.
I used to not socializing that much.

But ageing, really taught me.
Travelling, really affected me.
How relationships with people are important.

How relationships among Muslims are mostly important.
How I can connect my relation with Allah, with Prophet Muhammad s.a.w and the latter.

Everyone wanted to go to Jannah, and if we will meet at Jannah, why didn't we connect first in this world.
Islam; connecting people.

Back to the story; so I was there.
I had my goals;
Play around with the kids.
Make conversations with my aunts.
Make my uncles comfortable having me as a niece.
Make my aunts friends feels ease.

And it ended fine.

And it happened before when I was meeting my father ex-teacher who is Japanese.
Plus it was a gathering with his friends from Japan.
Plus again I was the only girl of my age.
Plus everything that I wrote before and you know how terrible I am in making conversations.

I tried, to be normal.
I tried, to show that wearing jubah and everything is not making me a very strict person.

And it ended fine.

The teacher was smiling at me, talking to me in Japanese and what did I respond exactly?
Smiles and nod.

I got a call from my father, who just came back from China that my aunt invited us all to KEC.
I heard KFC actually, and I hadn't exactly know that I was wrong until I got into the car.
Kika and Danish stayed at home with Ami because my father was taking my other mother alongside Dania, Adriana and Akif.
So I was fine, because I like kids, and they are my siblings anyway.

We arrived few minutes before Maghrib and everyone was there except for Aunt Salwa.
We ate and take turns to the Musolla and conversations were made.
This time I tried -- to be simple.
And I was happy, not even close to frustration.
Things are getting well until at some point I left the table I sat and moved to the next one and did that several times so I may know what was happening at both tables.

Suddenly, when I was eating silently (out of idea to talk about anything),
my only uncle that is related directly to my father, Uncle Udin asked me a very surprising question;

"You had been accepted to Al-Azhar isn't it?"

I was dumb-founded of course.
Eyes were staring at me.
I replied with a smile and a yes.
Not to mention my mind was working about how did they know.

He asked about my financial, my study here and everything.
And his wife said;
"You have to go."
And I replied;
"I'll have to see the financial aid result."
She replied; "Ask your uncle."
I looked at my cousin, Syahadah and said, "It's okay."
Syahadah is only few years younger than me and I know that her education alongside her siblings also needs a lot of money.

The conversations goes on a little bit more and it stopped.
But I knew they were still talking about it.

The gathering ended with a lot of pictures been captured by me.
It was funny to think that when I was little I thought DSLR was a normal camera.
And I had been carrying it since I can remember.
I just knew that it wasn't, after I grew up.
It just happened that Allah s.w.t. gave me a father who works at Canon.
And a mother, and another one after some years.

Allah s.w.t. gave me this beautiful family, that I know, I wanted to be with in Jannah.
The family that I want to protect from the Hell-fire.

Family; is not only there when we need something, especially money.
Family; is not only there when we are happy and celebrating.

But family; is there for everything.

For Allah s.w.t. is The Most-Knowing,
He had chosen every single soul to be with us in this world.
Especially those who we called family.
They had seen we grown up.
Every single seconds, perhaps.
Or even every single year.

From the usual phrases;
"Dah besar dah kome ye."
"Haluinya kamu."

I had and have a family.
The family I had been given.
Not by choice, but it is the best I could ask for.




  1. Asalamu alaikum, jazakAllah khair for sharing this story. So are you going to al-azhar inshAllah?

    JazakAllah for following, hope you comment more often. Feel free to email with any questions and sugesstions inshAllah

    Jihad fesabilillah is the way forward :)

    1. Wa'alaikumussalam warahmatullah.
      All praises to Allah that had guided me in writing this story.

      InsyaAllah I'll be going, if Allah had planned it so.

      Jazakallah khairan for reading mine, for it is quite long.

      I did not know what to comment exactly...

      Yours are brief and straight forward. Not to mention very informative. If I did say anything, well, it will just make the conversation longer >.<

      I wonder how, um, well, I will stop wondering for now.

      Jazakallah again for everything.
      And yes, insyaAllah my Jihad is for Allah C:


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم